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100% Organic Fertilizer for Higher Yields


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Dear Farmers & Members,

We are manufacturing 100% Organic Fertilizer "WIN-EA-CROP". It is the world’s latest research fertilizer increases the Quantity and Quality of Crops yields by 50% to 100%.

WIN-EA-CROP provides 2 way nutrition to Soil Life and Plants, improves Soil fertility and Crops productivity, resulting in 50% to 100% higher yields, fetching highest income to the Farmers.

WIN-EA-CROP is reasonably priced Organic fertilizer, It also protects crops from bacterial & viral diseases and minor pests like white mosquitoes in Paddy Crops etc.

WIN-EA-CROP is well tested and certified by many state & central Government Agriculture Universities, Research Stations. It is Certified as Organic OF&G Ltd., from UK. WIN-EA-CROP technology is officially nominated to WORLD FOOD PRIZE (USA). WIN-EA-CROP is also in use with various state governments in support of "SECOND GREEN REVOLUTION" aimed to Double the Farm-productivity and Farmers Income.

100% Organic WIN-EA-CROP is the MOST WANTED AGRICULTURE INPUT for present agriculture for the benefit of the Farmers, for sustainable Agriculture and for higher Food productivity.

Interested marketing parties are welcomed to apply for State-wise / National level Dealerships. Contact on 098481-95999 or mail to

Prabbhacker, CEO.,
Advaanced Biotech Research Projects,
WIN-A-CROPP Projects (Mfg & Mktg),
# 104, Surya Prabha Paradise,
Door No: 18-1-21/14, Maharanipet,
Visakhapatnam-530002, A.P., INDIA.
Tel & Fax: +91-891-2754178 ,
Mobile : +91-98481-95999 .
E-mail id:

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)