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    Naturally grown vegetables for sale from Tirunelveli, TN

    Naturally grown cluster beans, siru kizhanghu, tomato(unriped), sweet cucumber are available for sale from our farm in Kayatar. Interested parties pleas message me. Thanks, Raja
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    Training in Zero Budget Natural Farming

    1 day / 3 days workshop in Zero budget Natural Farming: We conduct: (A) 1 day Zero Budget Natural Farming awareness seminar(6 hours) in English, Telugu and Kannada. Required minimum number of participants 100. Rs. 100 per participant. (B) 3 days complete training in Zero Budget Natural Farming...
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    Zero budget natural farming workshop in Tumkur

    There is a Zero budget natural farming workshop scheduled in Tumkur. It will be conducted from 5th to 9th of May 2012. Please google for details as contact details are not allowed here.
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    Krishi ka Rishi Subhash Palekarji's workshop

    From: Chakra - Announcements: Classes and Workshops Natural Farming Workshop in Andhra Pradesh Nov 11-14 Subhash Palekar, Popularly known as "Krishi Ka Rishi" (The "Sage Of Agriculture"), is a famous exponent of natural farming and a tireless promoter of the concept of "Zero Budget Natural...
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    Zero Budget Dairy Farming

    Dr Waran's Livestock Management Consultancy is a pro-farmer agency providing professional consultancy services directly for the dairy farmer or any agency that is willing to adopt a pro-farmer approach in their business undertaking. However, Dr Waran's Livestock Management Consultancy clients...