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    Current yield of Vegetables and profit gained

    Hi everyone, I am planning to start farming in the near future. I am preparing a financial plan to get some loan. But, I need some information to prepare my financial plan. I am planning to cultivate daily use vegetables such as Brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, drum stick, ladies finger...
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    Pre-Treatment of water - Electromagnetic Water Conditioner, RO system, UV system,etc.

    We offer Water related solution for your Agricultural, Domestic, Commercial, Construction, Industrial use / applications. Our company offer's only value added quality solution & materials for every individual problem rather than measure with a common yard stick. Add extra energy / power to...
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    Who has obtained maximum Yield in Capsicum (color)?

    Who has obtained maximum Yield in Capsicum (color)? Different people claim different yield per plant. There is this "hydroponic" setup that claims 10 kilos per plant...is it possible? Can "Actual" Growers share yield data.
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    Flower plants yield

    Iam planing to buy 1acre land. There is no bore right now. Pond is available within 500 mtrs distance. Iam planing to grow flower plants there. Is it economical? How much yield for 1 acre land?
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    Info about Colored Capsicum

    Dear Friends, I have some land in Dehradun, Uttarakhand; altitude of 3200 Ft. I am planning to set up a 2000 Sq.Mtrs. Hi-Tech polyhouse for cultivation of Colored Capsicum. I am completely new to Agriculture. Have gone thru this website and this is really helpful. Despite that I would like...
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    Coconut Yield

    Dear All, Do you know the Yield Per Coconut Trees? Is there any data you can point to? Regards Padmanabhan
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    Free Conusltancy for 100 tonnes per acre yield for sugarcane crop

    Dear farmers, We, Vasumitra life Energies Pvt. Ltd, provide consultancy for increasing sugarcane yield to 100 tonnes per acre or more. Consultancy includes everything starting from land preparation to harvesting. The following presentation explains briefly about the same. This...
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    storage of water

    As the power is alternatively given during day and night for eight hours, every week. I am proposing to construct storage tanks to store the water which can be accumulated during night power so as to effectively distribute the same during day. I am having three bore wells, running two 7.5Hp...
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    if u want to save labour costs, and cost of fertilisers, pesticides, weedicides, whether organic or chemical , contact me. Further, I suppose Water saved is water created and more crops, IF u want to save water, just the right person, to save water, crops and increase Yield and money to u.