turmeric planting

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    Cultivation of turmeric crops

    Is it advisable to cultivate turmeric in the same field which was used for cultivating turmeric during the past season? If not why? If yes, any additional preparation required?
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    turmeric farming/seeds available

    Hi, Turmeric farmers from punjab, i thank all my farmer friends from punjab for having confidence in me and have brought turmeric seeds from me for planting this season. thanks a lot. regards suresh ...
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    turmeric farming

    i can supply good quality turmeric seed material for planting this season, seeds available from my farm near bangalore, please call me or mail me. regards
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    Turmeric seeds planting material for sale

    hi we can supply the best quality high yielding variety of turmeric planting maytrerial froam my farm near bangalore please call me if you are interested. thanks
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    call for quality turmeric seeds

    hi i can supply best quality turmeric seeds (planting material) call me on 09844003090 regards
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    Call for quality turmeric seeds/bulbs excellant quality high yielding variety from my farm in bangalore regards
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    for tumeric seeds call 09844003090

    hi farmers please call me if you need best quality turmeric planting seeds, i can supply any quantity. regards
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    turmeric plantingm material Rajendra Soni, PTS-10 & BSR-2

    hi i have 3 variety of turmeric seeds Rajendra Soni, PTS-10 & BSR-2 these are very high yielding variety, if you manage the farm properly you can 20-30 tons of raw turmeric after boiling and sun drying you can get 4-6 tons of dry turmeric. if you need more details pl call me. regards