1. ponsanthan

    Advertising Book on 200 commercially Important medicinal plants by Santhan P

    Dear all, I have published a book on important medicinal plants in Tamil and English. I hope this will be useful to the people who all interested to know about medicinal plants and students of Medicinal herbs related studies.
  2. M

    Question Tree Saplings wanted in Thenkulapakkam, Tindivanam, Villupuram District. Tamilnadu

    We are planning to grow native TDEF trees in our 4 acres of land in Thenkulapakkam, Tindivanam, Villupuram district. We are looking for more information on where to get saplings near by? And weather there are any govt/social schemes that provide knowledge and support. Kindly let us know...
  3. N

    For Sale 30 years old TEAK TREES for sale at Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

    30 years old 150 nos. of Indian teak trees available for sale at Sundarpur, Distt. Saharanpur near Uttar Pradesh. We are looking for serious buyers. The size range of trees varies from 48 inches to 38 inches (diameter). Regards .
  4. P

    Telescopic Branch cutter , battery operated

    Telescopic Branch cutter , battery operated Telescopic Branch cutter, battery operated, can cut the tree branches from the ground to 20 to 40 feet heights. The product comes in variety of models varying height. Also with cut and hold facility to cut the fruits,coconuts etc. Features...
  5. R

    Looking for Mango Plants @Hindupur, AP

    Hello I am looking for various types of Mango Trees for 3 acres of land. Please send me quote ASAP. Hrishikesh 09886341490
  6. K

    For sale 8 acre lush green coconut farm, fully cultivated

    Salient features are: Agricultural land measuring 8 acres with 421 coconut excellent high yielding fruit bearing trees aged approx 12-14 years. Fully fenced. · Our own 25 KVA power transformer within farm. Consistent voltage. · Good water supply with 6'' water borewell water...
  7. V

    1000 hebbevu 6-10 year trees on sale

    dear buyers... i have 1000 hebbevu trees of age between 6-10 yr old standing trees on sale... any interested buyers can contact... 9986078173
  8. dinesh_1333

    Trees available for sale

    Varieties of Trees available for sale Alstonia scholaris............... Chhatim/ Satvin.............................. 8'-15' OH Spathodia spectabilis............... African tulip.............................. 12'-15' OH Terminalia catppa............... Indian almond............... 8'-10'...
  9. dinesh_1333

    Varieties of fruit trees available for sale in Bulk

    Varieties of fruit trees available for sale in Bulk Mangifera indica............... Mango Syzygium Jambulanum............... Black jamun Averrhoa carambola............... Kamrakh Emblica officinalis............... Indian gooseberry Tamarindus indica............... Tamarind* Olea europaea...
  10. R

    One acre for agricultural investment - Advice.

    What can i grow in a one acre land? What kind of soil/land is required to grow trees for eg: coconut, rubber, teak, poplar etc. ?
  11. K

    Agricultural Land Fencing

    Sir, I am a farmer from Uttar Pradesh, I want to fence my land via shrub & planting some trees. Can you suggest me which plants & trees (having quick development) should I grow to fence the farming land from cattle and also get some income. Regards
  12. D

    Teak trees for sale in panama

    I'm having 2.5 has of 6 years old teak trees for sale. Buyer will become the owner of the land as well. Maintenance is done by the operator of the plantation if asked for ($700/ha per year). The plantation is operated by the biggest (more than 3,000 ha) and oldest (more than 20 years) teak farm...
  13. P

    wanted for 75 acre industrial estate development

    we require tie up for plantation of varieties of grass, plants and trees for the road sides and junctions for the industrial estate layout development . near bagalur in Hosur Taluk. Kindly may contact our officer Mr. Raao.
  14. U

    Estimating selling price of poplar trees

    Hi I have about 15 poplar trees that are approximately 7 years old. This will be the first time that I would be selling these trees. Can anybody tell me an easy way/formula to calculate the best price I could get for the trees. Please let me know the prevailing rate of poplar in the market...
  15. S

    need trees

    hello, I urgently need a total of 500 trees for an NGO, similar to the types below. 1. RAIN TREE 2. GULMOHAR 3. MAHAGANI (in tamil) 4. POONGAN (in tamil) I need the quotation for 10ft trees of various types from nurseries near vellore, tamil nadu. thanks.
  16. P

    Nursery Plants 10feet

    We need 500 nos of mix plants from the following Plants should be 10 feet in height about 2 to 3 years old and in poly bags of 15" x 18 ".These are required at Nagpur by 15 my name. a. Milling tonia, b. Cassia nodusa, c. Karanj d. Saptaparni, e. Rain tree, f...
  17. K

    Mother India Nursery

    To make our business grow and make it reachable to more people, we have designed our new website for all types of plants, shrubs, trees ....... online brochure and contact feel free for landscaping ideas, designs and consultancy contact
  18. J

    Looking to buy fruit trees

    I am looking to buy the following trees: a) Rambutan (2) Malaya apply (3)Rose apple,(4)Bore (5) Star fruit (6)Longhand 7)Mangosteen 8)Alphonse mango 9)Surinam cherry 10)Star apple Please response with prices- This is for export purpose companies that are willing to export , please reply!!
  19. A

    Fencing plants

    Can anyone tell me, which are the plants not eaten by cows/buffaloes and goats? Basically I need to plant them as "fencing" around my land.
  20. A

    Sandalwood trees- guidance please

    Can we plant sandalwood trees in a hot and humid place like chennai ? And can they grow based only on the rains?