Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. Talk with Mr. N. Jayaraj

    Talk with Mr. N. Jayaraj

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    Offering HARISHPUR Tea

    Harishpur is a trusted name for quality Assam tea. We have our own gardens and (ISO-HACCP certified) factories and sell garden-fresh tea. We offer both orthodox and CTC loose tea (currently first flush of 2015) and subsequently packed tea (pouches and tea bags). Harishpur is keen on opening up...
  3. R

    Wanted Distributor for Green Tea in Mumbai

    We require distributors who have experience in food and beverage and/or FMCG distribution and have good chain of retailers. The product will be sent at 30% less MRP. 1st 4 orders will be on spot payment at the time of delivery and later on we will work a credit policy. We will provide...
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    for sale agri products

    for sale following products 1.spirulina powder and capsule ctc tea ( ooty ) curry leaves papaya red lady varient pepper
  5. D

    Tea cultivation in sri lanka

    What is the business model for cultivating TEA in Sri Lanka? How many harvests per year? How many kgs per acre? Selling price per Kg? … Thank you. Dojaanro
  6. C

    Wanted FMCG Distributor

    Greetings! Bagrodia Tea Estate is a renowned Tea estate in the district of Dibrugarh in the upper Assam region, known for its body, briskness and strong, bright color. The Tea factory had been set up in the year 1928 and the company has been among the pioneers in the wholesale tea business...
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    Land for sale in Wayanad -

    I have seen some parcels of land in Wayanad. Coffee/Tea plantations. Since the land parcel is large (100-200 acres), I would not be able to pick up the entire land. Anyone interested to join hands, we can distribute the land, and get at an affordable rate. Please raise your hands with mail id...
  8. moosapp

    Wanted dealers for best quality tea powder

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    stevia plants/seed for sale

    ACI AGRO SOLUTION We are provide consultancy of stevia plant. Stevia plants are medicinal use in diabeties patient.And These products are high stevioside powder are sweetner 300 time of normal sugar.Who are use in sweet,laddoo,tea,coffee,other food products.The stevia plants extract like...
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    Wanted Tea

    Hi, This is Arun here, I just wanted to buy Tea in a bulk for starting a Tea whole sale business. Could any one help me to get any information to get Tea in bulk as per order and price per unit so that I can proceed further? Regards, Arun
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    Tea / spicy products available for Sale

    we are selling high quality Tea (All flavours), spicy , interested parties please mail.
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    Green Tea processing plant on lease in Assam

    I am looking for a 'Green Tea' processing plant on lease in Assam. Please send me a private message with details.
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    Tea Types and Tea Manufacturers.

    All teas made from the Camellia sinensis plant.This time thousands of varieties of teas available in the world but Herbal Tea, Black Tea and Muscatel Tea are most famous.The difference between all types of tea is depends on what is the processing method of Tea or How the teas processed.The main...
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    Assam Green Tea

    High quality Assam Green Tea available. Please send your requirements
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    Ice tea

    Do u need ice tea contact me. Contact info karthik mobile:9791447624
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    spirulina in good price

    Spirulina powder and capsule for sale in good price.
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    Tea Plantation consultancy available with us

    We are running our own Tea Plantation in Assam. Anybody requiring consultancy on how to start and manage Tea Plantation can contact us
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    Tea Plantation Project Report available with us

    We are having our own Tea Plantation in Assam. Now we would like to share the details of how to start a new Tea Plant cultivation from scratch. Anybody willing to know about Tea Plantation and how to start and manage it can share their requirements Thank you
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    Assam Tea ( Green Tea, Black Tea )

    We deal in Garden Fresh Green Tea and Black Tea. Please contact for any requirement
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    Tea Estate Management and Consultancy

    1. Property Valuation 2. Technical and Financial Due Diligence 3. Tea Estate Management 4. Factory Management 5. Budgetary Control 6. Quality control and Improvement of production process 7. Factory setup 8. Techno Economic Viability study 9. Joint Venture of Tea growing...