Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Huge Profits,Trail blazer business & Social Change

    You can earn money nicely and also be a trail blazer with a low investment!. Yes, it's absolutely true,unbelievable at first note. Millions of Indians are suffering from diabetes eating only sweetless foods while internally craving for sweetness.Can't you help them with a simple to afford...
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    Huge Profits and Social Improvements

    Make India's diabetic's life better.Millions of diabetics are unable to taste sweetness.Our Prepsuna SugarLess will make their lives sweet without any fear. Start selling India's finest formulated SugarLess brand of stevia products from us.Make huge profits.Will provide marketing...
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    SugarLess brand of stevia formulated powder

    Prepsuna SugarLess introduces its brand of Stevia formulated powder for Indians at economical cost. Available in packing of 50,100,250 and 500 grams packing. Wanted distributors and dealers all over India for this fast moving brand. Packing is in beautiful stand-up pouch packing...
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    IF you need stevioside please contact us for India origin organic green leaves. We can supply you the 1 MT stevioside per month. We have three processing units. Our product is as per international standard. It is virgin product. It can be directly used to make the products sweet. It can be also...
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    http://’s society is facing problems from both side malnutrition and over nutrition. Due to over nutrition the people are facing a lot of problems. The excessive calorie stored in our body in the form of fat. The excessive fat leads a lot of problem like...
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    Alternate of sugar

    Due to life style of today’s world, a lot of calorie intake by people is not used. This unused calorie is hazardous for the health, which is leading a lot of health problem like diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, laziness….etc. This unused calorie intake starts from morning tea and is being...