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solar base products

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    Solar LED Street Lights for Farms

    We offer Solar LED based street light starting from 5 W upto 40 Watts that completely runs on Solar. It is an automatic dusk to dawn operation sytem wherein the light automatically gets on once the sun sets and goes off when the sun rises. The system has a 2 days AUtonomy wherein the battery...
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    Solar power: Buy 1 get 1 free! First time in india!

    INCREDIBLE OFFER! FIRST OF ITS KIND IN INDIA! Dear Forum Members, We are glad to present here our latest offer on solar power solutions, "BUY 1 GET 1 FREE" on our 1.6Kva & 2.2Kva Rooftop Stand-alone Solar Power Solutions with Battery Backup. Details are as follows: 1.6Kva Solution...
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    Solar Lanterns with Li-ion battery

    Dear All, We introduce ourselves as Manufacturer’s of High Quality Solar Based products. Jyoti- 7 Solar Lantern- Advantages of our Li-Ion battery lantern- 1. Our Lantern has 4 brightness settings Settings - Number of Hours Brightest - 8 Brighter -...
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    Now get independent of the State power through solar energy

    Dear guests, We are pleased to offer you a complete range of solar power solutions for commercial as well as residential use. We offer solar street lights, solar water heaters, solar home lighting systems, and solar roof top installations. We are also a leading manufacturer of solar...
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    Solar Lantern at Rs. 450, wanted distributors all over India.

    With great pride we are introducing Solar Lanterns in India starting at Rs.450.0 (Distributor price) We are manufacturers of Solar Lanterns and LED lights based in Mumbai We also have a good range of High power LED torches for farming and other agricultural utility. We have a range of...
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    Solar Hydro Fodder Farm

    Sir, Can anybody tellme wher to buy Solar hydro fodder farm in india , as i am from mumbai and my village is in Konkan Ratnagiri, ans i want this for feeding my goats . Plz inform me Best regards, Mansoor Semna
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    Solar Power Packs Mumbai

    1Kilo Watt Per Hour Power Pack For Rural Areas. 1000W High Efficiency Solar Panel 1.5kva Sine wave Solar Compatible inverter (200AH * 4) 800 AH Batteries This Power Pack will Generate minimum 6KW per Day. Note : FOB Mumbai , Transport , Cabling , Switches , Installation Cost Extra...
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    Proposal From DA Surya Shakti to Consultants

    PROPOSAL 1 : REGARDING TENDERS, GOVERNMENT PROJECTS, RURAL DEVELOPMENT SECTORS & WIRELESS TELECOM SECTORS. We At DA SURYA SHAKTI; can provide : A : Solar stand alone energy generation units for government offices, telecom sector, wireless telecom sector. B :Solar Water Supplying pumps for...
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    Proposal: Regarding wireless telecom sectors.

    We At DA SURYA SHAKTI; can provide Solar stand alone energy/electricity generation units for telecom sectors specially for wireless telecom Towers. For More Details and images Please find Attachment DA Solar Telecom Solution. Whenever You Install A Tower at your property Please Suggest them...