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  1. jkmpic

    For Sale Heeng seeds for sale

    Availability of Heeng seeds for trail purpose More Jammu and kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre
  2. jkmpic

    For Sale Himalayan gojiberry, seed, plant & fruit plants.

    Availability : Gojiberry fruit plant/seeds More info : Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre
  3. jkmpic

    For Sale Gojiberry plants for sale

    Kashmir Goji berry juice is made from the Lycium Barbarum species of the Goji berry. This particular species is said to be sweeter in taste than other species. It grows in this mountainous region and that is why the juice is known by the name, Himalayan Kashmir Goji berry juice. Growing Goji...
  4. jkmpic

    For Sale Medicinal and aromatic plants of Kashmir Himalaya

    We a pioneerinstitution to start cultivation of important indigenous medicinal plants and introduce many from other parts of the world. A preliminary study on cultivation of medicinal plants in Jammu and Kashmir was from this institution. The medicinal plant garden created, grown and nurtured...
  5. C

    For Sale Sage seeds

    Hello, I have some sage seeds from 2019 harvest. Seeds are very clear and high quality. Possible quantity up to 1000 kgs. If you are interested contact
  6. M

    For Sale FOR SALE: RARE TROPICAL fruit seeds from Borneo 2019

    RARE BORNEO FRUIT SEEDS AVAILABLE 1. Artocarpus lanceifolius Common name: Keledang. Tastes: Sweet and tasty Artocarpus, with thick flesh. Price: $3.50 USD each seed. 2. Artocarpus rigidus Common name: Tempuni. Tastes: Sweet with a very slightly sour, and thick flesh. Price: $3.50 USD each...
  7. N

    Advertising Plant Tissue Culture Project

    Dear Friends, We have 3 million plants production capacity tissue culture laboratory. If any one have new profitable concept or project through Plant Tissue cullture Laboratory, please contact me immediately at my e mail or at 9792201617 or 7500834383. Thanks & Regards
  8. A

    Drum stick seed for sale (available)

    We have drum stick seeds available MJM-1 Variety 1.5mt with good quality cost 1500per kg contact number 9440594367
  9. M

    TROPICAL SEEDS for sale: Prainea Limpato, Artocarpus, Willughbeia, Durio, Nephelium

    1. Artocarpus sp Rare fruits of unknown Artocarpus species. Common name: Bondon. Taste: Sweet and delicious. Price: $3.50 USD each seed. 2. Artocarpus lanceifolius - Big variety Common name: Keledang. Taste: Sweet and delicious. Price: $2.50 USD each seed. 3. Artocarpus lanceifolius...
  10. M

    RARE FRUIT SEEDS: Willughbeia elmerii, Xanthophyllum amoenum, Baccaurea, Artocarpus

    RARE TROPICAL FRUIT SEEDS FOR SALE 1. Willughbeia elmerii Endemic willughbeia species with a giant fruit, extremly rare. Local name: Jatak tabau. Taste: Sweet and delicious. Price: $5 USD per one seed. 2. Xanthophyllum amoenum Local name: Langir. Taste: Sweet and delicious, has...
  11. ceob8e56

    WANTED : Red, Green Color Seeds of Abrus precatorius / Gunja / Ratti / Gundumani

    Dear All, We wish to know anyone have / know about real Pure Red Seeds and Green Color Seeds of Abrus precatorius ie., Gunja or Ratti Seeds in Hindi. Kundrimani or Gundumani in Tamil. Please let us know the possibilities of getting this. SHRI KRISHNA
  12. ceob8e56

    Sale Seeds : Herb Salvadora Persica(arak/miswak/brush tree)

    DEAR Members and Users of, We are having the ARAK TREE SEEDS. We want to sell these seeds. Interested persons kindly contact as soon as possible. Name : SALVADORA PERSICA/ ARAK Ind Name : Miswak Item : Seeds Availability : Semi Rare Best for ...
  13. M

    FOR SALE: STELECHOCARPUS BURAHOL, Dwarf jackfruit & Prainea limpato

    TROPICAL FRUIT SEEDS FOR SALE: 1. Stelechocarpus burahol Fresh seeds. I don't know if there's a different varieties of Stelechocarpus burahol. But this kepel tree fruiting twice a year, November and March. Local name: Kepel. Taste: Sweet. Price: $3 USD per one seed. 2. NANGKA...
  14. O

    Tree Spinach

    Pisonia grandis R.Br (Nyctaginaceae) is widely distributed throughout India and is a widespread evergreen tree commonly known as ‘Leechai kottai keerai’ in Tamil and ‘Sahruda Cheera’ in Malayalam. Leaves, stems and roots of this species are extensively used by the tribals in the preparation of...
  15. S

    Need Saplings as well hybrid seeds in Bulk

    can you guys advise / suggest or contact me if you can supply commercial packs of seeds as well as saplings for flowers, herbs as well as vegetables. ashish bhaskar +91 9650004154
  16. S

    sale of exotic vegetable seeds

    we supply most of the exotic vegetable seeds . If interested kindly contact or 9454301710.
  17. sampadafarms

    Pkm 1 variety drumstick seeds moringa

    We can supply immediately 300 Kg drumstick seeds PKM 1 variety fresh, clean and excellent quality seeds in open packing. Interested resellers, whole-sellers contact us for the supply. Next year we can supply upto 5 tons of seeds. Parties interested please contact. Regards Sampada FArms &...
  18. S

    hybrid marigold seeds Benary & sakata avialable

    Dear all, Hybrid seeds of Marigold for commercial growers of Benary and Sakata is avialable . Anybody interested , kindly contact or 9454301710
  19. S

    hybrid watermelon & muskmelon seeds

    Dear all, Hybrid seeds of watermelon and muskmelon of knownyou taiwan is avialable.we are lucknow based . anybody interested kindly contact 9454301710 or
  20. M

    Tropical fruit seeds for sale (Borneo fruit seeds for sale) - From Indonesia

    I'm Tropical Fruit Seeds supplier,especially fruit seeds of Borneo(Indonesia) such as Artocarpus species,Baccaurea species,Mangifera species,Nephelium species,Durio species,Stelechocarpus burahol and others. I live in Indonesia. I can provide many tropical fruit seeds when the fruiting season...