Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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  • YES , THAT IS POSSIBLE... AND TOTAL COST OF 30HP IS 3000000 SUBSIDY 900000 NET 2100000/-
    Hi sir I need papaya red lady 786 brand seeds ... Can you provide the information mail id
    Sandle wood seedlings are required at an height of 2-3ft. Please contact 09972619448 or
    Please inform price per plant , EX your nursery at hyd.
    i need 2000 melia dubia plants for 60 acres border plantation.

    thanks and regards, 94941 88655

    Hi sir, We are planning to invest Rs.500000-600000 in agriculture land in Andrapradesh(near SangaReddy) / Maharashtra(in Pune Dist). We highly appreciate your valuable consultancy towards achieving our goal. Please lay down your terms and conditions in the below mentioned emailID.

    Our terms are :
    Long term investment
    Pure agricultural purpose. Facilities in terms of irrigation, reachability to markets are expected
    Quick access to TOWNS nearby

    As you know ( No need to mention) ; All clear - no legal issues attached- land is expected.

    Thanks in advance
    Hi sir, I am from warangal andhra pradesh, I am really interested in cultivation flowers at home. can you plese suggest me suitable flower types and minimum area required to do this.
    thanks in advance.
    we are runninfg a nursery in jammu,and are into the business of palntations,we need teak plants for plantation approx 15000 plants on monthly basis.please get in touch and quote your rate without and with FOR destination basis.

    I am looking for information on Red Sandal (yerra chandanam) plants. I have 3 acres of land with water facility, so thinking of planting yerra chandan. Can you please provide all information?
    1. How many plants required per 1 acre
    2. What is the cost of plants per piece
    3. Do you deliver the plants?
    4. what kind of land is required (my land is currenly suitable for Mango plantation is it ok?)
    5. what would be total expected cost
    6. Any government subsidy?
    7. Need to take any permission from Forest Dept? or govt?

    Please provide your answers at earliest

    Dear Raghu Ram,
    I am looking for 1000 sapling of PKM1-tamarind grafts and 2000 saplings of Melia dubia sapling,in Andhra Pradesh.
    Kindly let me know what would be the price.

    Dear Mr.??

    We can provide you complete comprehensive services for your proposed project.

    1. First you acquire a farmland. Then contact us.
    2. We provide services for a land parcel which is not less than 50 acres.

    Raghu Ram
    Along with a friend of mine, planning to setup a farm in the foothills of uttrakhand/himachal. Coming from a completely alien background when it comes to working on soil am not able to understand the dynamics of this business.
    1. Am trying to make a comparison chart of investment and the output profit keeping an average yield and average market price for all kinds of different plants/trees/herbs. The idea is to see what kind of plantation or may be other cultivation can give the kind of business we are seeking. I know different kind of crops/plants/cultivation require different type of weather condition and soil, but since we are still searching for a land and an open eye for the same in the northern part of India. I checked Nabard website were they have made a few reports for NEEM TEAK BAMBOO and Popular, but am sure there are many others options available.
    2. Is there any consultancy firm in and around Delhi NCR who can help us setting up a farm.
    Dear Mr. Anirudh Chopra,

    Please let us know your contact information such as your postal address and mobile/land line nos. to share the information about the lands available near Hindurpur
    interested in buy land around 500 acres
    send details of agri lands that you have
    need good level of water
    capable of bore well
    need cheap land
    if you have other sizes of landes like 150-250-200-350-500
    send details
    with location ,price
    need bulk with chepest prices
    no issues of location bore well capacity is needed
    need for agriculture
    no problem in legal issues
    Dear Mr. Rajneesh,

    Please note down our address. You can contact us for construction f green house.

    M/s. Sampada Farms & Consultants
    408 - Panchasheela Towers
    Park Lane, M G Road
    SECUNDERABAD - 500 003.

    Mobile: 09848203647
    We can supply the animals, can you give us detailed requirment and your cotact address

    Sampada Farms & Consultants
    Dear sir,
    Please send me your contact details.
    I am interested in setting of green house in Uttar pradesh
    rajneesh chauahn
    rajneesh72 at yahoo dot com
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