Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Agri consultant

    We need a professional agri consultant with good experience to guide us establish a agri business. We need a person who also has legal knowledge of acquiring suitable agri land. Yes we r farmers , and would like to invest in technology's based farming. Rgds Shyam 9987557873...
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    Agribusiness loans and live stock developement

    Looking to start a new business. we can assist you with various projects on Goat Farms Sheep Farms Dairy farming Turkey Breeding Poultry Country Chicken Farming Quail Farming Emu Bird Farming we provide complete technical assistance including Project Loans and Site acquisition etc...
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    Money Minting projects

    We provide an excellent offers who are intrested in agriculture. We have entire projects for - mushroom cultivation - Tree farming - goat farming. Projects includes - detail procedures how to start a farm. - detail reports about investments - Sales and marketing concepts - buyers leads - a cd...