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    Available Start your own vegetable seed company

    If you are interested in starting vegetable/crop based seed company with limited capital and resources to earn huge profit then be in touch. I provide basic plan and strategy to start seed company with limited resources.
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    Opportunity Interested in starting your own vegetable seed company

    If you are interested in starting your own vegetable seed company with minimum investment in any part of the India then be in touch with me.
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    Agricultural Land for sale for profits

    Our client has agricultural land for sale starting from 1 acre to 200 acres.In this project the seller will plant fruits and do the yield and then give the profit in your hand.The seller also will take care of the maintenance for the farm ( If you Dont have time to do the maintenance). The...
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    Best Profitable Crops,cultivation for Rainfed Land- HELP

    Dear All I have a 3 Acre Land with very little Water . I have Planted some fruit trees like mango , Jack, sapota etc. I want to properly use this Land for Cultivation. I tried Cowpea, groundnut, corn etc. But failed to get good profit. I request all the experienced cultivators to give me...
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    Current yield of Vegetables and profit gained

    Hi everyone, I am planning to start farming in the near future. I am preparing a financial plan to get some loan. But, I need some information to prepare my financial plan. I am planning to cultivate daily use vegetables such as Brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, drum stick, ladies finger...
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    Earn more profit - Value addition of Spirullina with 2 lakh investment

    Earn addition profit – Spirullina Increase your income by doing value addition of Spirullina. We M/s Business 360degree is providing consultancy for Food, Herbal and ayurveda products for last 5 years. We provide projects reports on the value addition of Spirullina 1. Spirullina soap 2...
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    Value added products of Agriculture earn good money

    WE Business 360degree provides consultation for the value addition of agriculture produce such as mushroom, turmetic, herbals, botanicals etc for domestic and export market.. interested people can mail me at or contact me at +91 9095555677
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    Benefits of BioCoal

    Bio-Coal ( husk briquette ) is used in Boilers, Furnance, Roasters, Hot Air Generator, Water or Oil Heaters. Bio-Coal is renewable Coal which is made from natural pure rice husk. They form an environment friendly replacement for coal. Calorific Value= 3800-4000 kcal/kg Moisture=Approx...
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    High profitable crops/plants

    I am currently in my native pllace in punjab and we have more than 2 acre of farming land. and I am thinking of doing farming myself and in search of high profitable crops/plants per acre with input cost and net profit approx. can you suggest some?