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    Question For pomegranate planting, bagging and pesticide are indispensable

    Having tried it on a small scale in orchards, I have to say that dry rot and fruit flies are a big problem. In the early orchards, the fruit fell badly, and in the late fruit did not grow much, leaving few intact fruit on a tree. By the way, I would like to ask what pesticides do you usually use?
  2. Talk with Mr. Ram Mukhekar

    Talk with Mr. Ram Mukhekar

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    Dhanpal Nagappa Yallatti – with intercrops to cope with challenges in farming

    “Marigold is the best intercrop in farming. It complements many crops and proficiently controls nematodes, trips and mites. In addition it also secures the crops from diseases. It has the ability to control 40% pests! I use other crops as intercrops too. I have almost all crops in my farm grown...
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    For Sale Pomegranate for sale near Saswad, Pune

    Pomegranate ready for harvesting. Around 2200 trees. Looking for wholesale buyers, loaders to buy all produce. Immediate interest requested.
  5. Rajani_VMG

    Sharanabasava C Hiremath – increases pomegranate yield by pairing with papaya cultivation

    “To boost the pomegranate production it is important to follow proper irrigation schedule and grow it along with papaya as the later safeguards the plants from the diseases and pest attack,” shares Mr. Sharanabasava C Hiremath. He hails from Lingasugur village, Raichur district, Karnataka. His...
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    Advertising We are supplier of ALL TYPES OF DRY VEGETARIAN ITEMS

    We have Export Quality Product from India with Organic farming. We are Logistics firm with own Freight forwarding, Custom clearance and Transportation. Our Agriculture Products for Export are: Fresh Onion, Lemon, Chili (Frozen & dry), Tomato, Potato, Elephant Yam, Drum stick, Vellary, Red...
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    Pomegrante for Sale near Pune

    We have 16 Acre pomegranate plantation ready for harvesting. Very good harvest with good glaze, size, spotless and taste. The farm is near Saswad, Pune. Looking for interested buyers. Kishor 9930807208.
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    information for pomegranate farming

    Required detailed information for pomegranate farming, looking for consultant who can guide me on this. ------ This message was received by support team. We are posting it here for public discussion and knowledge sharing.
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    Need 200+ grams POMEGRANATE

    Hi, We requires pomegranate for export and domestic purpose. We require 200 to 220+ grams pomegranate. We require it round the year. So if anyone is having it please contact me. We do also buy organic pomegranates with best price.
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    Pomegranate Peeling & Separating Machine----Good Choice

    Pomegranate Peeling & Separating Machine Introduction Automatic pomegranate peeling and separating machine is a kind of pre-treatment machine to peel pomegranate and separate pomegranate seeds. The peeling and separating process can ensure pomegranate integrity rate as high as 90%, thus it is...
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    2 acres Bare land for sale in andhra pradesh

    Peracre normal property 10 lakhs Peracre premium property 11 lakhs More details contact us:9482966831
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    Climatic Condition The pomegranate primarily mild-temperate to subtropical and naturally adapted to regions with cool winters and hot summers. The plant favors a semi-arid climate and is extremely drought -tolerant. It is fairly tolerant to low temperature, of course with differences among...
  13. W

    Farm Manager required/Near Vijayawada!

    I am on the look-out for a farm manager for my pomegranate farm near Vijayawada. Ideally, I would require the have at least 2 years managing a farm or having worked in the Agriculture industry. What I can assure you is that the salary/pay + incentives would be the best in the business...
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    Tissue culture pomegranate saplings in Tamilnadu

    Where can we buy tissue culture pomegranate saplings in Tamilnadu?
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    Sale For Planting Material.

    ACI AGRO SOLUTION is an ISO 22000:2005 FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WITH HACCP, ISO 9001:2008, WHO GMP & Organic certified Co.We are leading agriculture consultancy of India. ACI PLANT MATERIAL: ACI Plant material stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for our rural...
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    pomegranate consultancy

    Consultation services for pomegranate cultivation
  17. R

    Tissue cultured Pomegranate Bhagwa / Sindhuri / Ganesh - Adv Booking for Feb/Mar2015

    Dear Co-Nurseries, Horticulturists or Plant distributors or direct farmers, We are going to supply "Tissue cultured Pomegranate" from Feb/March 2015 onwards up to 500000 plants per month capacity. For which advanced bookings are opened with MOU along with PDCs for confirmation of order...
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    Rajeswari biotech nursery

    Papaya .pomagranate ,pig fruit, kinno and all other horticulture nursery plants available for reasonable prise Bookings started. RAJESWARI BIOTECH NURSERY HAGARI BOMMANA HALLI BELLARY DT KARNATAKA 9741723494
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    Suggestion for Pomegranate mixed crop farm

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to start a Mixed crop farm. Can you please suggest any other crops that can be grown simultaneously along with Pomegranates ? Thanks in Advance. Regards, Amrutham
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    Project Report For Agriculture.

    Agriculture is the backbone of our country. If we potentially utilize our waste land in the proper and scientific way; we have to solve our poverty level and unemployed generation. We are leading solution provider of the report writing and presentation preparation. We make customized reports...