Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. K

    For Sale Organic tea available

    Organic certified White tea, Green tea and Black tea all farm made available
  2. G

    For Sale Exotic Vegetables grown in Hydroponics.

    Dear All, We have a Green shade net house in Dodballapur,60 kms from Bangalore city. Where we have a Hydroponic set up to grow Leafy vegetables such as Lettuce, Spinach, Celery, Mint, Basil, Amaranthus etc., We can supply each of the greens in more than 20 kgs per day capacity as of now...
  3. P

    Sukumar Bagh-– Agricultural Consultant and Researcher Specialist

    Please tell us about your background? I am currently helping farmers convert to organic cultivation and focusing on choosing from crops that is not produced in mass quantities by a lot of farmers. This is my present activity. As a part of my next venture, I am trying to come up with a model for...
  4. S

    Question Need help in red lady papaya plantation

    Planted around 1500 red lady plants a week back. Didn't used any chemicals and not planning to, some of the plants are turning yellow and have some white spots in leaves. Could you please advise if I need to take any steps or us it normal?
  5. A

    For Sale Organic amla for sale

    I am looking to sell fresh organic amla in Bangalore. 40kilos available. Will deliver to anywhere in Bangalore city Please contact me for details
  6. D

    For Sale Lowest cost highest quality Organic manure

    We manufacture high quality, very low cost Organic manure. For all crops cost of our manure for one application is only Rs. 36 for one acre. To be applied (sprayed) once in 10/15 days. We can supply any quantity. Contact me. Chennai.
  7. P

    Sustainable Agriculture Knowledge and Empowerment Trust (SAKET), New Delhi

    “Farmers can earn minimum Rs. 2+ lakh/acre/annum that is now limited to less than Rs. 50 thousand/acre! It shall be possible when production cost is less, processing is done in-house, quality is superior and farm products are sold directly to end consumers or truthful retailers. It is a...
  8. ponsanthan

    organic medicinal herbs

    Dear Friends, there is demand for organic herbs such as Kalmeg(Andrographis paniculata), Tulasi(Ocimum tenuiflorum), pippali(Piper longum), Turmeric(curcuma longa), Brahmi(Centella asiatica).moringa leaf (Moringa oleifera). Interested growers certify 5-10 acres of agriculture land for organic...
  9. SupportTeam

    Agri Tourism at Harvest Fresh Farms

    An Indocert certified organic farm, Harvest Fresh Farms is located at the serene valley at Lower Camp on the Thekkady to Cumbum - Theni highway. They produce some of the finest quality, best tasting and affordable organic produce available in the country. The fruits cultivated include...
  10. SupportTeam

    Use Organic Inputs for Better Crop Yields

    NICO ORGO MANURES, a Gujarat based ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, is a manufacturerand exporter of environment friendly agricultural inputs. Their products are bio-degradable, environment friendly, protect crops naturally, and are safe to use and at the same time help increase crop...
  11. SupportTeam

    Rohini Agro Science Focuses on New Agro development

    Rohini Agro Science Focuses on New Agro development Established in 2011, ROHINI AGRO SCIENCE is a manufacturing company based in Kochi. Headed by Mr. Anil Kumar as its CEO, the company brings a fresh and innovative approach to the Agricultural industry with their focus being on Indian crop...
  12. S

    Integrated farming tamilnadu

    Hi, Please let me know the farms (their locations) in and around Madurai, Tamilnadu that practise organic as well as integrated farming methods.
  13. S

    Agricultural Land for sale for profits

    Our client has agricultural land for sale starting from 1 acre to 200 acres.In this project the seller will plant fruits and do the yield and then give the profit in your hand.The seller also will take care of the maintenance for the farm ( If you Dont have time to do the maintenance). The...
  14. V

    Organic Liquid fertilizers

    We can supply Organic Liquid fertilizers, GRANULES and all types of fertilizers in bottles, injection or ampules form, bulk or customized packing... Who can contact us ? DEALERS, wholesellers, Resellers, Shop owners We supply only in Bulk & not in retail. for more details visit our website VM...
  15. A

    Organic and natural products wanted in bulk

    Hi Greetings from Agroganics. We require organic and also natural products in bulk. We need products from all categories. Perishable and non perishable Kindly email us at Or contact us at +91-8884745424
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    Home remedies / herbal,ayurvedic recipes wanted

    Hi Greetings from Agroganics, Bangalore. We are start-up organization into organic farming and products. We are looking for people who have immense knowledge on home remedies using available products at home, who can give us recipes, diet program,.. on the same. Kindly revert back...
  17. M

    Job Opportunity for Hydroponics / Organic Farming Manager ( Near Mumbai )

    Our company name is Roman Group and we are based in Mumbai. We have been in real estate and land development since 1970. We have our own farm land and we are looking for an experienced farm manager who will set up an organic / hydroponic farm for us at our farm near Mumbai. The site is...
  18. D

    We supply organic vegetables for export

    We produce all organic vegetables using the hydroponic system. so any one interested please contact us
  19. O

    Why Are Green Organic Mattresses So Expensive ?

    I need Why Are Green Organic Mattresses So Expensive ?
  20. A

    High Quality Vermicompost made from Biogas slurry - For Sale

    At SustainEarth, we supply GauGas biogas systems to rural dairy farmers and in turn help them sell the vermi compost they make. We have high quality vermi compost made from bio-slurry of the biogas units. They are rich in Nutrient values and fine in quality. We can supply upto 3 tons within a...