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    Land in close proximity to Bangalore/Mysore/Tumkur

    Hello, I'm currently looking to buy 3-5 acres of agriculture land in anyone of the following locations, Bangalore: within 100-150 kms Mysore: within 50 kms With good water resource. Please let me know if there are any. Thanks, Basavaraj
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    Agriculture land for lease near Mysore City

    Hi: I have 2.5 acres of agriculture land very close to Mysore City (10 kms from bus stand) that I would like to lease. The land has adequate water (right adjacent to Varuna canal) and also has borewell facility with sufficient water. The land is also approachable by road from 3 sides...
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    Coconut farm & paddy field with abundant water for sale near Mysooru

    A coconut grove with an annual income of Rs.2,50,000 is for sale. As coconut is planted on bund lines, lot of open space is there for inter-cropping. At present paddy is grown (twice in a year). The Land has Coconut 300 nos. Teak – 40 Neem – 2 Ankole – 2 Casuarina/Surai – 2 Subabul –...
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    Kapila river basin land, surrounded by Mountains, is for sale near Mysooru.

    A Paddy & Marigold grown farm land attached to perennial river Kapila is for sale. Series of small mountains cover the land at the back drop. In the front river flows & at back of the land Irrigation channel water runs. Soil : Brick Red & Fertile Key Distance Mysooru Ring...
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    Abundant water, ½ km channel front, Fertile farm land for sale near Mysooru

    An agriculture land attached to Irrigation channel is for sale. About 1600 feet of one side of the land touches the channel. Earlier they were growing Sugarcane, Banana & Paddy. Now a days they are not growing anything there. So it has become grazing ground for cattles, sheep, goats...
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    Land Available Alphonso Mango Organic farm for sale near Bengaluru

    An agriculture land for sale near Bengalooru with all infrastructure. Farming is done organically without the use of any chemical fertilizers & pesticides. Many educational institutions, residential layouts, villas, townships, resorts, factories, industrial areas & ashrams are there in its...
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    Wanted to purchase agriculture land

    Hi All, I want 1 acre to 2 acres of agriculture wet land near to Malavalli, Bannur, Mudukuthore, Netkal, Shimsha village, Malagalali and T Narsipur around. Clear titles are needed and my budget is 2 -3 lakh per acre based on land. Thanks & Regards, Manjunath G M
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    Agricultural Land Required In & Around Mysore

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for 2-3 acres of agricultural/farmland with good water resources under 4lakhs/acre. A loamy/porous soil with a PH of 5.8 & above.
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    Low price land for sale near Mysooru

    A farm land just 400 mts away from the main road is for sale. At present Cotton & Brinjal is planted and in surrounding areas sugarcane is grown. Price : 3 Lac per acre & it is slightly negotiable. Total extent : 23 acres Key Distance Mysooru ring road – 42 km Nearest Tar...
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    River Kapila backwaters land (terrific view) for sale near Mysooru

    A farmland infront of backwaters of River Kapila/Kabini is for sale near Mysooru. It is strategically located in-between a resort and an upcoming Golf Course. The volume of water is so huge, we feel as if we are standing on a sea shore. A gentle breeze creates lots of waves & it comes...
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    Coconut Farm and Paddy field for sale near Mysooru

    An agricultural land having coconut and mango trees is for sale off Bogadi-Gaddige Road. It is a corner plot, having road in east and south side. A stream of water from River Lakshmana Teertha flows at the back. It has Electricity – 3 phase (free) with pump set. A separate...
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    A Farm land attached to the river surrounded by mountains is for sale near Mysooru

    An exotic land situated in a valley, amidst mountains, with a good view of the river is for sale. It is very near to Nugu Dam & the total river frontage is 900 ft. A State Highway passes near the land, which connects SH-33(Mys-Kote-Manandavadi Rd) at one end and NH-212 (Mys-Nanjanagoodu-Ooty)...
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    A beautiful riverside coconut farm for sale near Mysooru

    It is a farm land off SH-33 (Mys-Kote-Manandavadi Road) attached to River Kapila. The coconut is planted mostly in one single lane, so plenty of open space is there. It has 2 acres kharab. Beside this land another coconut farm is also for sale. This too has good river frontage. Total River...
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    Farmland attached to SH-57 is for sale near Mysooru

    A farm land surrounded by a small stream with varied varieties of trees,is for sale near Mysooru. The land is attached to the SH-57 (Hommaragalli-Hullahalli-Nanjanagoodu). It has a Pump house. Electricity : 3 phase (free) It has around 35 different species of trees like...
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    farm land , agricultural land

    3 acres and 30 guntas of land within 9 kms of mysore city .good water source.great investment . contact 90935915519
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    20 guntas land

    20 guntas land near thallur ,mysore, karnataka 6.5 lakh per gunta. attached to MUDA approved layout. 9035915519 thanks
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    A developed farmland with farm house is for sale near K.R.Nagara in Mysore District.

    An organic farm for sale near Arkanateshwara Temple in K.R.Nagara,Mysore District. It has a Farm house – 6.5 square (hall, room, store room, washroom). The farm has compound wall and gate in the front and remaining area is fully fenced with barbed wire and stone pillar. It is a corner plot...
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    A low cost land for sale near Mysooru

    An agricultural land beside the irrigation channel is for sale near Mysore. It is basically a plain and level land. Soil – Red and fertile Water facility Irrigation channel water is available from July to December Key Distance : Mysore ring road – 23 km Mysore – 28 km SH...
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    River view land for sale near Mysooru, off SH-57

    A beautiful land having very good view of river Kapila is for sale near Mysooru. One side of the land completely touches the river. A few meters ahead , across the river, in the year 1889 a small dam was built, during the Maharaja's period. So here , it is a running river as well as a back...
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    3.26 acres Coconut & Arecanut farm in Thayur near Mysooru for sale

    A fully developed farm on the tar road with all infrastructure ready is for sale . Coconut - 250 Arecanut - 2500 Jack fruit - 2 Nerale - 2 And some other wild plants. It has following infrastructure : 1.Farm house 2.Electricity 3.Big Open well 4.Pump set with borewell...