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medicinal herbs

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    Lemon Balm seeds for sale

    Naturally grown Lemon Balm can be used to make a relaxing lemon tea, as well as in salads. It can also be used medicinally for insomnia, digestion trouble, and for healing wounds.It is an easy to care for perrenial. An occasional trimming will keep the plant growing fully. The leaves can be cut...
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    Hyoscyamus niger seeds for sale

    Henbane was a common admixture to witches brews. The Priestesses of Delphi was thought to have used Henbane for prophetic purposes. Hyoscyamus niger was used in magic infusions to produce clairvoyant trance states. Hyoscyamus niger (Henbane) plants, like other solanacea plants, contain...
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    Recent Medicinal Herbs Price List

    Dear Friends, I am very much interested in medicinal herbs trading and want to get a kick start. Well till now, I am more into learning stage so I don't know much about market prices. So it will be of great help if someone can help me with recent market prices of raw medicinal herbs...
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    Wanted Medicinal Herbs

    We have a huge demand of the medicinal herbs please send me your quotation with available quantity.
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    Medicinal Herbs

    We have urgent requirement of the medicinal herbs.Please send us your detailed quotation with availability of the material and readt stock material. the following herbs are in huge demand stevia leaves, safed musali, forskohlin , yellow satawar, aswagandha, sarpgandha, and other herbs
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    Turn Key Medicinal Plantation

    We provide service for medicinal plantation on turn key basis. We will do all the activity and hand over you the key of your farm with complete plantation. We will use the best best agricultural practices to develop your farm on turn key basis. What ever the crop you want to cultivate you can...
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    Medicinal herbs

    Dear sir, we pleased to submit that we have a land 4acres at very best place having water supply, electricity,at North Zone of Kashmir, which is free from any pollution,we are very interested to start cultivation over that land, if any organization is ready to work on buy back policy pleased...
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    wanted any grade stevia leaves

    We based at Palampur, Kangra (HIMACHAL PRADESH) wnt to buy any grade of stevia leaves. intrested parties may contact with min.rates/kg. REGARDS NAVITA HERBALS
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    Medicinal Plants - Buy Back

    Hi, Interested to work with reliable sources for growing, processing & supplying of medicinal/aromatic plants under buy-back agreement. Kindly contact me asap. Thanks, Ram Please contact.........
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    Sell Thailand Herbal supplies, mecicine, moringa......

    Hello from Thailand, We sell and manufacture Moringa leaves, seeds and Thai Aerosol Herbal Inhalers in the Country of Thailand. The herbal inhalers are made from fresh organic herbs picked locally here in the country of Thailand. Natural Herbal Remedy for Nasal Congestion and has Aromatic...
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    Need details on herbal cultivation

    I need to know details on herbal cultivation in madurai. Can anyone provide the info on herbs that grow well in madurai, the type of soil needed, market potential, export options, the training and the help from government? Also information about the people who are into this already...
  12. ponsanthan

    Grow Bhumiamla, Dayjasmin

    we need interested growers under contract farming to grow Bhumiamla and Dayjasmin(Cestrum diurnum) each in up to 100 acres. There is a guaranteed revenue.
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    Swine Flu H1n1 killer Tinospora Cordifolia For Sale

    [B]Hello... Everyone ... I am Shankar Bhat here. We are the suppliers of medicinal plants and hurbs. At present we have some quentity of Tinospora Cordifolia.We are able to supply your any quantity of the same. Place an order through email.. Mentioning your price,Transport office and bank. We...