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medicinal crop

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    stevia cultivation consultancy with byback

    Providing Stevia Cultivation Consultancy Services in All over india. Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) commonly known as sweet herb. Stevia is a natural sweetener, calorie free alternate of sugar. The extract of stevia is known as stevioside. The plant is native to (Paraguay) South America. Stevia...
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    Develop your wasteland by Guar gum cultivation & get better profit

    Dear Agri Friends, Due to certain Global warming & irregular rain precipitation hampering our existing crop badly. Therefore, we recommended some special crop within short period of time can help the farmers in this situation. Guar is leguminus plant which can help your land for nitrogen...
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    Want to grow Medicinal Crops in 5 Acres in TN

    Planning to grow Medicinal Crops in Tiruvannamalai, TN Please suggest demand oriented, good revenue fetching Medicinal Crops suitable for Tiruvannamalai.
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    For Sale Contract Farming by HCMS

    Hahnemann charitable mission society 1996, an ISO certified NGO providing consultancy services in the agricultural sector. We have been successfully working since 1996, for the large-scale development of organic, aromatic, medicinal and Jatropha plants, in all over India through farmers. HCMS...
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    Water testing kit

    Good quality of water testing kit is available for sale. this is good for field sampling and testing. Easy to handel, The results are good, This can be carry to field as a carry bag. It can check all the parameter like mineral availability and pH value. Good for organization working in...
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    Govt Subsidy and finacial help for medicinal plantation.....

    It is our good luck that we are rich in the natural resources. We have a large range of the medicinal plants species. Another important aspect is that we have a well established medicine system in by NAME of Aurveda. We knwo the property of these plants. Our RISHI-MUNI did a lot of hard work in...
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    Consultany for high return crop

    If you are interested to invest your money into agriculture for high return we have crop which are giving return up to 6,00,000/ acre/ Year Production. We provide full project report so that you can get finacial assistance from the Bank and govt department we also give you buyback for the...