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    Question Inter cropping options in eucalyptus farm ?

    A friend of mine has a three acre three year old eucalyptus farm but the growth of the plants was not upto the mark as he is having a regular job and couldn't provide sufficient time to farming. Now he wishes to plan for inter crops between the eucalyptus plants simultaneously as he got work...
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    Dhanpal Nagappa Yallatti – with intercrops to cope with challenges in farming

    “Marigold is the best intercrop in farming. It complements many crops and proficiently controls nematodes, trips and mites. In addition it also secures the crops from diseases. It has the ability to control 40% pests! I use other crops as intercrops too. I have almost all crops in my farm grown...
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    Need info on Zero budget farming & Intercropping in Banana

    Hi, we want to adapt Subhash Palekar's Zero Budget Farming for our Banana farm. We were advised to grow turmeric and ginger as intercrops for better result. Can anyone second this and why? Does any one grow this kind of intercrop in South India, especially in Northern part of Karnataka...
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    Agarwood for dry lands

    Hello friends, Can I plant 'Agarwood' as the intercrop in a mango garden, which is irrigated under drip? We have got sufficient water resources, but its a dry land and temporatures may reach - upto 40-43 during summer. As we are interested on any high value medicinal/wood...
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    Intercropping in Banana

    I request experienced farmers to help with this question: What are the best crops, for intercropping with banana, and the benefits thereof (economic and/or agronomic)?