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    Ashwagandha for sale

    We Carmel Organics Pvt Ltd are supplier of Organic and Conventional Herbs. Our main Products are Ashwagandha Root, Amla Fruit, Tulsi leaves, Shatavari, Harad, Baheda, Gurmar etc. We also supply powdered form of herbs. For any requirement please contact arvind@carmelorganics.in or +918989057075
  2. K

    Herbal Plants

    Hi All I am from Chennai. Can anyone tell me where can I buy the following herbal plants. 1. Rosemary 2. Thyme 3. Peppermint 4. Spearmint 5. Marjoram 6. Sage 7. Tarragon 8. Oregano Thanks in advance, kacraj.
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    Phytolacca acinosa seeds sale

    Medicinal use of Phytolacca acinosa : The root is antiasthmatic, antibacterial, antidote, antifungal, antitussive, diuretic, expectorant, laxative and vermifuge. The plant has an interesting chemistry and it is currently (1995) being investigated as a potential anti-AIDS drug. It contains potent...
  4. S

    Herbal farming near Trichy

    Hi, we have a small plot of farmland(10000 sq ft) near trichy, TN and would like to set up herbal farming there. We would like to know what are the herbal crops that are suitable for cultivation for the climate there and the market potential for the same. Your valuable suggestions welcome.
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    Kakra Singhi (terminalia chebula flower)

    Dear Sir Currently we have 1 ton of Kakra Singhi (terminalia chebula flower) at rs.440/Tax as applicable Looking for your order Regards Ashok.k
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    All kinds of Herbs extract for sale

    Minda herbs is a biochemical-pharmaceutical enterprise that specializes in R&D, production and sale of herbs materials, herbs extract, herbal medicine, free-stewing Chinese medicine and Essential oil, which are mainly used in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, health food, functional beverage, and...
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    herbs offer

    We can supply Ixona coccinea, ipomoea turpethum, pterocarpus marsupium, acacia catechu, gmelina arborea, holarrhena antidysenterica. Interested parties can email at ramherbs@gmail.com.
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    Bulk sale of soap nuts and shikakai(Acacia concinna)

    Dear all, we are the bulk suppliers of soap nuts and shikakai. if in need please contact us.
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    Portulaca oleracea seeds for sale

    Portulaca oleracea :The plant is antibacterial, antiscorbutic, depurative, diuretic and febrifuge. The leaves are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is thought to be important in preventing heart attacks and strengthening the immune system. Seed sources such as walnuts, however, are...
  10. V

    Herbs & Herbal Extract

    Please find below the list of specialised Extracts offered by us on regular basis:- 1. Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh) 10%-50% 2. Shilajit 2.5% fulvic acid 3. Asparagus racemosus (Shatavri) 30%-50% 4. Baccopa monnieri 20%-40% 5. Banaba lagerstroema ( 1 %) 6. Boswellia serrate...
  11. B

    Nepal Origin Herbs & Essential Oil

    Hi to all !! We are collector & exporter of Himalayan Herbs. Also we manufacture Essential Oils. If you required above items from Nepal, please feel free to contact us. Best Regards, Yours Yogendra Ghimire Chief Executive Officer
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    Mimosa Pudica/lajjavanthi whole plant

    Dear sir We can supply Mimosa Pudica (Hindi name: lajaalu,lajouni,lajjavanthi,chuimui) 500KGs at Rs.35 ex Madurai, let us know your need Regards Ashok.k
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    Borreria hispida seed (Tamil name: nathai choori)

    Dear sir We can supply Borreria hispida seed (Tamil name: nathai choori) 1 ton at Rs.55 ex Madurai, let us know your need Regards Ashok.k
  14. G

    Sell Thailand Herbal supplies, mecicine, moringa......

    Hello from Thailand, We sell and manufacture Moringa leaves, seeds and Thai Aerosol Herbal Inhalers in the Country of Thailand. The herbal inhalers are made from fresh organic herbs picked locally here in the country of Thailand. Natural Herbal Remedy for Nasal Congestion and has Aromatic...
  15. ponsanthan

    More demand for medicinal herbs

    Dear members/guests nowadays the demand for medicinal herbs is increasing, the price of the herbs also increasing multifold, our community can take lead and actively participate in propagation and effective utilization of resources. people should get awareness about the herbs around them and...
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    Buy Tylophora India Leaves - dried

    we are looking for Tylophora indica Leaves in Bulk suppliers may contact....