herbal plantation

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    Wanted agricultural Land for Lease

    Required Agricultural land About 60 cents to 5 Acres For Lease in Reasonable Rate. 1.It is for poultry farm Running.(ccontract basis)(no meat processing) 2.Agriculture (Organic cultivation) 3.Road access, water source, electricity required. 4.Less populated area required. 5. The location...
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    Mango/cashew/amla farm for sale in Cuttack, Odisha

    Agricultural farm of mango, cashew, amla saplings, including a variety of herbal plantation; vermiculture unit; of size approx 30 acres in Cuttack dist, Odisha; Price is available upon request; Only serious buyers, please contact g_mohanty@yahoo.com...Will provide phone number for further...
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    require knowledge abt herbal n aromatic planation on large scale

    hi folks!! Im interested in herbal n aromatic plantation on large scale. N wann some information regardin' da same. I wann knw abt da projected cost n market demand etc.. plz help. Thanx & Regards amruta kasar
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    herbal plants

    i have fertile land near mysore to grow herbal plants, vegetables and fruits any body interested to buyback and franchise please contact
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    Need details on herbal cultivation

    I need to know details on herbal cultivation in madurai. Can anyone provide the info on herbs that grow well in madurai, the type of soil needed, market potential, export options, the training and the help from government? Also information about the people who are into this already...
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    Herbal plantatation, looking for buyer

    I am a herbal doctor, now interested in herbal plantation. We don't know where to sell. We can do the farming as per the requirements of company as have a team of doctors/herbal experts. We are looking for any company for contract farming. Thanking you contacts us..... Prashant Kumar

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