ground water

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    Ground Water Consultancies by Vasundhara Geoconsultancies

    Does any one need our services for ground water survey ? We show scientifically where to take the bore well, so that the getting water is more possible. Contact on for services Email-
  2. educationteam

    Bhustalimath - Ground water investigation - Friday 14 June, 2013

    You are invited to attend a webinar (live discussion) on Ground water investigation with Bhustalimath B M, Bangalore To know more about Bhustalimath, follow the link below. In this live discussion you will...
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    Farm land for sale at Tuticorin District Near Tirunelveli

    Eight acre FARM land suitable fruits, trees, shrubby crops, ground nut, sugarcane, cotton, chilly, vegetables etc. is available 3 km away from in Tuticorin to Tirunelveli road from Deivacheyalpuram. Ground water available. Interested party can contact
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    How to find ground water

    You may find my method unscientific but I can definitely help any person who needs to drill a borewell, with a suitable point for drilling. Water divining is my speciality and I have helped many a persons. I use a metal chain that leads me to the source and where it starts to rotate fastest is...
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    Find out the Ground Water???

    HI, We have not called any Geologist for finding out the water source in our land where it's exactly located. Just we called one traditional person who is using stick to rotate and find out the water. Then we have called bore well people and they used 6and1/2 inch bore. we couldn't find...
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    500 acres @Rs.50,000/ acre at Tuticorin Dt for Sale

    Location : At the borger of Tuticorin and Ramnad dt in TN. 256 acres registered titles and patta transferred to some individuals.It has a road frontage of about 500 Mtrs.Further 250 acres are in agreement with the concerned farmers.Black cotton soil.Ground water availability at a depth of...
  7. G

    10 - 15 acres agri land with red soil required in tamil nadu

    dear all we are looking for about 10 - 15 acres agri / virgin land with red soil and sufficiet & regular water ( ground / canal / stream / river etc) in Tamil nadu. Should have acces to motorable road but need not be tar road. Current connection is must and borewell is highly solicited. Looking...