ganesh prajapat

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    stevia cultivation consultancy with bayback

    Stevia is one of the most profitable crops for the coming future. As the crop is only source of natural sweetner. The people are being less hard worker that why they need calorie free substitute of the sugar. The artificial sweetener are problematic for the long term consumption. In the...
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    Agriculture consultancy

    We are young brains motivated to make the Indian agriculture No One in the world. Strong practical field knowledge and excellent academic knowledge are strong pillars of our organization. We have a strong team of agriculturists with core competencies in cultivation practices, plant protection...
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    Jatropha - Bio Disel, BIOFUEL

    Hahnemann charitable mission society 1996, an ISO certified NGO is established for the purpose of providing consultancy services in the agric sector. It has been effectively functioning in promoting medicinal, horticultural ,aromatic & Jatropha plantation. We have been successfully working...