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  1. anilsunder

    Where can i find high yielding cows and buffalo

    I am planning to set up a small Dairy farm with 10 Cows and 5 Buffalo in and around Hyderabad. If any one can help me in sourcing the best quality COWS & BUFFALOES. i am looking for minimum 20 Ltrs yield per day. I request you to please help me in the above as well as if any one is...
  2. M

    need HF and Jersy cow for me

    I am starting dairy farm so i thinking to buy new HF and Jersy cows.. and its related products. please can you inform any details in this regard Thank you Manikanta
  3. C

    Dairy Farm Project

    Hi, I am interested in starting a Dairy farm with about 50 cows in Hosur area. I would like to know the approx cost as on May 2014 of cows, machinery, yield, etc. Approx cost of the entire project. Would appreciate if you can give me some information me regarding the same. Regards Canaan Farms
  4. A

    It is possible to AI cows to give birth to females only?

    My plan to open dairy farm is only possible if heifers are the result of Cow's birth. Is it possible to do this? This would result in no bulls, and only more cows. please help :)