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    Required Consultants for capsicum cultivation

    I am going to cultivate colour capsicum in 1 acre of land. Would need consultant with good experience and track record in compile capsicum cultivation from Hosur / Bangalore area.
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    Wanted Consultants

    I am looking for consultants who have expertise in Integrated Farming , Making reports to banks , having knowledge in poultry , Animal husbandry and Organic Vegetables .You can contact me at
  3. Z

    Mallika Mango Plantation

    Hi! I have purchased approximately 10 acres of land in Yellapur, Uttara Kannada. I was planning to plant Mallika mango variety. I have been doing some research and read about a new technology called Ultra High Density Mango Plantations. Just wanted to check if this technology is suitable for...
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    Consultants/ experts: Participate in gafaex 2013 oman

    Dear all We are having GAFAEX 2013 in Oman* Date: 28-30 October 2013 Venue: Oman International Exhibition Center, Seeb Consultants to Agriculture, fisheries, poultry, animal feeds and supply, dairy, packaging technology etc. Can participate . Very good opportunity to serve Oman market...
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    Need Consultant

    We need a reliable and experienced consultant whom using cocopeat growbags to support growers who he is from Maharastra. Please contact us asap. Thanks Kind Regards, Allwin
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    Training in Zero Budget Natural Farming

    1 day / 3 days workshop in Zero budget Natural Farming: We conduct: (A) 1 day Zero Budget Natural Farming awareness seminar(6 hours) in English, Telugu and Kannada. Required minimum number of participants 100. Rs. 100 per participant. (B) 3 days complete training in Zero Budget Natural Farming...
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    Organic food Snacks

    I need consultancy service with regards to organic snacks production. Need help right from Planning to completion of the project. I am located in Mysore/Bangalore
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    Consultants required for food processing Industry

    I am Situated in Mysore/Bangalore and need consultancy with setting up food processing industry. I want to manufacture ready-to-eat snacks and packaged food. I need assistance right from initial survey to setting up and running the plant
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    Are you planning to set up Potato Cold Storage or Multi Purpose Cold Storage?

    Are you planning to set up Potato Cold Storage or Multi Purpose Cold Storage? We can provide feasibility report, bankable project report, architectural drawings, technical layout, civil construction estimates and estimates of machineries, equipment and other required assets of capacities...
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    Organic / Natural Farming Consultant for 50 acres

    We have a 50 acre land, near Pondicherry. We want to develop it into a Organic or Natural Farm. We request proposals from Consultants. who would be interested in such a project.. We need inputs on the choice of trees, vegetables etc., that need to be grown, the layout, the irrigation...
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    Betel Leaf consultants.

    Hello, I want to grow good quality bete leaves ( paan ) in Karachi Pakistan. Want to hire an experienced and knowledgable consultant who can help us in getting best quality harvest, maximum yield, lowerst cost. Please contact me....