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    high quality thalassery Kanni Boer goat for sale

    Hi, We have all range of goats from kids to matured Thalassery, Kanni, Boer goat at affordable price in Tuticorin. Please contact us Selvaraj - +91 9585909903
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    Mutton demand : Boer / Osmanabadi or Country goats - Is it a gamble?

    There is a lot of discussion and chatter about Boer and lately over Osmanabadi. While breeding and rearing Boer and Osmanabadi goats have obvious advantages in terms of size and weight - the mutton demand for these "premium" variety does not seem to be well established. This is especially...
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    Goats For Sale

    Hi We have Pure Thalachery & Boer Cross breeding bucks and Does for sale at very reasonable rates. These are all medicated and well suited for stalll feeding method and have the best weight gain ratio. We don't have any inbreeding stock with us and as we don't encourage inbreeding we request...
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    Boer Male Goat (Buck) for sale

    Boer male & Female Goats for sale ,2 years old , Breed 100% pure, Weight ---Male 75 Kgs. Female 45 Kgs Price per Kg : Male Rs.650per Kg, Female-Rs.550 per Kg
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    Boer Goat Market

    Hi Experts , I have heard a lot about Boer Goat farming . As per my investigation the the current cost of Boer is around 25000 per 50 - 60 Kgs , Which boils down to around 600 - 800 per KG . Do we have market for this in India ? Are there any special shops where they sell Boer Goat Meat...
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    100% pure boer female goats for sale

    hi ! i am a farmer and trader i have 10 to 50 and 10 female pure boer goats for sale.golden oppurtunity for breeders.price Rs.1200/-per kg live weight for female ,1000/-per kg for male.please contact me thanks/regards., shiva
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    Wanted pure bred boer goats

    Hi I want to buy pure bred boer goats for a farm near Vellore district in Tamilnadu. Would like to know if there are any wholesale dealers in Tamilnadu which will make transportation easier and less tiresome for the goats. Regards Minu
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    Where Can I get Pure Boer Goats For Breeding

    hi, We Required Pure Boer goats for Breeding for out Goat Farm in coimbatore , tamil nadu, Can Anybody give information on where to by the Boer Goats. Thanks in Advance regards Srikumar