Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Agricultural Lands for SALE in Bangalore

    AGRICULTURAL LANDS for SALE near BANGALORE - 47 Acres near Sira Taluk, off NH4 Black soil, Total Fencing Good investment Rs 4.5 Lacs per acre (130kms from Bangalore). - 10 Acres near Tumkur Rs 25 lacs / Acre (65kms from Bangalore). - 10 Acres ner Tunkur with Plantations Rs 18 lacs / Acre. - 20...
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    Land in close proximity to Bangalore/Mysore/Tumkur

    Hello, I'm currently looking to buy 3-5 acres of agriculture land in anyone of the following locations, Bangalore: within 100-150 kms Mysore: within 50 kms With good water resource. Please let me know if there are any. Thanks, Basavaraj
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    Developed Farm going cheap, only 7 Lac 50 Thousand per acre, near Mysuru

    A Mixed Farm with Farm house is for sale. It has , Coconut, Arecanut, Pepper – 10 acres Cashew – 10 acres Banana (Nendra) – 10 acres Ginger – 6 acres Silver Oak – 2000 Teak – 100 Jack Fruit – 25 Mango – 15 Coconut – 350 Water Facility Bore well – 4 nos. The farm...
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    Wanted 1-2 acre Greenhouse for lease near Bangalore

    We are looking for a fully functional green house for lease nearby to Bangalore. - Facilities should include good water source - Nirantara Jyoti power connection with 63KVA transformer - Fully Fenced Please contact me on 9986333368 Regards
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    Want to buy land around Sarjapur with 1-10 lacs per acre.

    Hi I am looking to buy land in and around Sarjapur with 1 lakh to 10 lakhs per acre. If you have any property, please send me the details. Pavan
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    2 acres, channel water upto 9 months, attached to SH-57 for sale near Mysooru

    An agriculture land attached to State highway 57, which connects NH-212 (Nanjanagudu) at one end and SH-33(Hommaragalli ) at another end, is for sale. It is a corner plot also. At present Paddy is grown. Soil : Red & Fertile Key Distance Mysooru Ring road– 29.7 Nearest...
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    Farmland for sale at the confluence of River Kalindi & River Kapila

    Once a Coffee Estate, today a thick green Jungle. Since last 7 years no human interference & so it has been maintained like a virgin land. Located at the south-western most Tip of Karnataka. It is a peninsular, i.e., covered by water on 3 sides (East,West & South). Also it is a unique place...
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    rabbit farm

    how to start rabbit farm in own land and how is the market
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    Low price land for sale near Mysooru

    A farm land just 400 mts away from the main road is for sale. At present Cotton & Brinjal is planted and in surrounding areas sugarcane is grown. Price : 3 Lac per acre & it is slightly negotiable. Total extent : 23 acres Key Distance Mysooru ring road – 42 km Nearest Tar...
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    An Organic farm with big farm house for sale near Mysooru

    A successfully running organic farm for sale. This rich farm has Coconut Trees – 400 (yielding) Arecanut Trees – 1800 (1000 yielding) Pepper – 400 Betel Leaves – 100 Mango Trees (Rasapuri, baadami, sindhoora, totapuri) – 20 Teak – 150 Silver Oak – 300 Hebbevu – 20 Bevu – 10 Karimatti – 1...
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    River Kapila backwaters land (terrific view) for sale near Mysooru

    A farmland infront of backwaters of River Kapila/Kabini is for sale near Mysooru. It is strategically located in-between a resort and an upcoming Golf Course. The volume of water is so huge, we feel as if we are standing on a sea shore. A gentle breeze creates lots of waves & it comes...
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    Coconut Farm and Paddy field for sale near Mysooru

    An agricultural land having coconut and mango trees is for sale off Bogadi-Gaddige Road. It is a corner plot, having road in east and south side. A stream of water from River Lakshmana Teertha flows at the back. It has Electricity – 3 phase (free) with pump set. A separate...
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    A Farm land attached to the river surrounded by mountains is for sale near Mysooru

    An exotic land situated in a valley, amidst mountains, with a good view of the river is for sale. It is very near to Nugu Dam & the total river frontage is 900 ft. A State Highway passes near the land, which connects SH-33(Mys-Kote-Manandavadi Rd) at one end and NH-212 (Mys-Nanjanagoodu-Ooty)...
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    A beautiful riverside coconut farm for sale near Mysooru

    It is a farm land off SH-33 (Mys-Kote-Manandavadi Road) attached to River Kapila. The coconut is planted mostly in one single lane, so plenty of open space is there. It has 2 acres kharab. Beside this land another coconut farm is also for sale. This too has good river frontage. Total River...
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    Farmland attached to SH-57 is for sale near Mysooru

    A farm land surrounded by a small stream with varied varieties of trees,is for sale near Mysooru. The land is attached to the SH-57 (Hommaragalli-Hullahalli-Nanjanagoodu). It has a Pump house. Electricity : 3 phase (free) It has around 35 different species of trees like...
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    A low cost land for sale near Mysooru

    An agricultural land beside the irrigation channel is for sale near Mysore. It is basically a plain and level land. Soil – Red and fertile Water facility Irrigation channel water is available from July to December Key Distance : Mysore ring road – 23 km Mysore – 28 km SH...
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    River view land for sale near Mysooru, off SH-57

    A beautiful land having very good view of river Kapila is for sale near Mysooru. One side of the land completely touches the river. A few meters ahead , across the river, in the year 1889 a small dam was built, during the Maharaja's period. So here , it is a running river as well as a back...
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    3.26 acres Coconut & Arecanut farm in Thayur near Mysooru for sale

    A fully developed farm on the tar road with all infrastructure ready is for sale . Coconut - 250 Arecanut - 2500 Jack fruit - 2 Nerale - 2 And some other wild plants. It has following infrastructure : 1.Farm house 2.Electricity 3.Big Open well 4.Pump set with borewell...
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    Actively farming land is for sale near Mysooru

    A farm land, where agriculture is done actively, with all infrastructure is for sale near Mysooru. Right now Tomato, Cabbage, Sugarcane ,Pumpkin & other vegetables are grown. It has, Borewell : 2 nos. Electricity : 3 phase (free) Soil : Red & fertile Mango : 28 nos (small plants)...
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    Kapila Dam - backwaters land for sale , near Mysooru

    An agricultural land attached to Kapila/kabini backwaters, just beside the Dam, is for sale near Mysooru. The ambience is pristine green virgin environment . By standing infront of vast expanse of water, if you look for any distance, you will be seeing water only. The place is so calm &...