Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

aromatic plantation

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    Guidelines on business opportunities of sustainable agriculture

    The "Institute of Advance Technology of Organic Herbs, Farming and Food Processing Research" was established under aegis of Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society (HCMS) in 1996. Since then, we are providing the training and consultancies on cultivation, management, and innovative technologies of...
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    Jamarosa Plants ( CN-5) variety available on sales.

    Project for the Cymbopogan Nardus RRL-CN-5 ( Jamarosa type grass) Benefits of the crop The crop is very safe from many factors. 1) No grazing animals like Neal gay, goat, sheep, pig etc eat it so no need to protect it day and night. 2) Crop can tolerate Saline soil up to 8.5 pH and water up...