Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Organic Farm Input

    The basic problem with organic agriculture is farm input. We can provide you all the inputs related to the organic farming. Like organic planting material, Organic Manure, Vermi Compost, Neem Manure, Neem Cake, Neem Cake powder, Neem Oil, Herbal spray, Trichodrama powder, Azactobactor culture...
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    Govt subsidy and assistance

    You can get information about the subsidy and financial assistance provided by the different govt for the promotion of agriculture. you will get full project report. Please contact with your complete query and complete contact information
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    Agri processing Industry project report

    Agri processing is one of the most profitable and long lasting business. The demand of food and the agriculture production will never let it stop. to increase the self life of the agriculture commodity processing is very essential. for example dehydrated vegetable can be stored up to the one...
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    Agriculture Project Report

    We are leading solution provider of the report writing and presentation preparation. We make customized reports on agriculture related projects with complete analysis of all the aspects. We prepare the corporate presentations for projects related to the agriculture. We also prepare the reports...
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    Tissue cultured Plants

    We provide service for the tissue cultured plant development. We can propagate your variety by tissue culture technology. your plant variety will be well protected . The mother plant will be provided by you. Normally it take 40-50 days in development of the good plants. The materila will be...
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    Aloevera Cultivation consultancy

    Aloevera is one of the most useful medicinal crops in resent scenario. As the crop is only source of natural medicinal ingredients. The aloevera juice works as a body purifier. The aloevera crop is propagated by the suckers. We can provide you the aloeera suckers .You will require the...