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    Wanted Kiluvai- natural fencing

    Thanks for reply. I'll contact them and get back to you
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    Wanted Kiluvai- natural fencing

    My native Place is sankagiri, salem DT, Tamilnadu. I am looking for a plant called as 'Kiluvai' in tamil for fencing. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Looking for up to 200 Acres Farm Land

    Impossible Dear raju, I too agree with Mr. Swamy. You cannot buy 100 acre with 1 crore nowadays especially as a lot. Try to start with small farm of size inbetween 30-100 acres. Regards,
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    sell walking tractor

    Need Photo What is a walking tractor? Pl. submit some photos in your explanation about your product so that we can understand better. Regards,