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    For Sale Natural - Organic curry leaf saplings available

    We can supply natural - organic Curry Leaf tree saplings (Curry Patha / Sweet Neem. Botanical Name: Murraya koenigii / Bergera koenigii) developed naturally from root of best mother trees (asexual propagation) that will have all qualities of the parent tree. These are from mother trees of our...
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    Available Natural Organic Curry Leaf Saplings from Root of Best Mother Plants

    We can supply best quality, natural and organically grown Curry Leaf plant saplings. These are naturally developed from roots of best mother plants in our farm in Palakkad district, Kerala, India, with no chemical farming history. Saplings of 6 months to 2 years (height: half ft to 2 ft)...
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    Advertising International Non Recourse Loan for Farming and Farm based projects without collateral security

    International Non Recourse loans with no maximum limit available without additional collateral security, for all kinds of farming and farm based projects including farm products processing, eco / farm tourism etc. Loan upto 80% of total project cost & 20% should be shown as Promoter...
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    Question How to get new Organic fertilizer into the market?

    Contact us with details of the product to be marketed, by clicking on our name on the left > Start Conversation.
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    Available Saplings of Bird Eye Chilli - Green, White (Ivory), Violet Available

    We can supply saplings of farmer developed, purely natural organic, high quality and high and fast yielding Bird Eye Chillies - Green, White (Ivory) and Violet colour - on made to order basis with advance payment 70%. Minimum Quantity Order: 1000 numbers each or all 3 varieties together. Price...
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    Available Go for multi crop farming only

    Single variety crop (mono culture) is always high risk to farmers and against principles of Mother Nature. Convert your farm into multi crop farm by inter crops (companion crops) of short term and long term high value crops, high value herbs, exotic and imported fruits etc that can assure high...
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    For Sale Pure Natural Red Sandalwood Powder

    Natural Pure Red Sandalwood Powder available, direct from farmers. Minimum Order: 25 kg. Only made to order on part advance payment. Balance on delivery to Transport / Courier / Waybill. Please contact us by private conversation by clicking on our name > Start conversation and specify quantity...
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    For Sale Rare and imported fruits and medicinal plants saplings

    For Sale: More than 200 varieties of rare and imported fruit tree and around 1000 medicinal plants saplings we sell at lowest price to farmers. Please send us private conversation > tap on our name > Start conversation, by referring this post and specifying your requirements of rare and import...
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    Wanted Beema bamboo seedlings

    Please see reply with details sent by private conversation. Please tap on the envelope symbol on top right of your dashboard.
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    Wanted Nutmeg seedlings

    Please see reply sent to you with details of Nutmeg saplings. Tap on envelope symbol on top right of your dashboard.
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    Wanted Looking to buy saplings for new farm

    P Please see message in private conversation: click on envelope symbol on top right of your account dash board.
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    Opportunity Wanted Farmers for Cultivation of Bird Eye Chilli Under Buy Back system

    Please see private conversation sent to you with details.
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    Question Banana fibre extraction

    We can supply the Banana Fibre Extraction machines and give hands-on training along with setting up the machines. We can also provide Bankable Project Report to get bank loan with subsidy. For further details, please contact us by private conversation (> click on our name on the left > Start...
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    Opportunity Multi crop Buy back farming offer

    We offer the following Multi crop Buy back farming offer to farmers interested and ready to do the minimum investment for saplings and first lot of manure at subsidised rate. If you are interested in doing Buy Back cultivation of any of the following, you have to confirm immediately: 1. Bird...
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    Available Vriksha Ayurveda based farm development

    We offer to set up Vriksha Ayurveda based farm and conversion of your existing farm of any crops into Vriksha Ayurveda system with least cost, using only natural and local resources. Vriksha Ayurveda system assures complete health care of all type of plants - all crops and trees - and assures...