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    Question Security camera for my farm

    Yes. If there is security issues/threats/theft possibilities etc, you can set up CCTV system with night vision and motion detection. We can provide best solution for farm security including organic fencing and also technological solutions such as CCTV etc. Please contact us with details of your...
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    Question Help me identify this plant please.

    Plant looks like Sarpagandha (Rauvolfia serpentine) - From appearance of leaf and roots. But not fully sure. If you have its flower and seed photos, we can confirm. Please send these photos and flower and seed photos to us privately by clicking on our name > start conversation.
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    Question Help me identify this plant please.

    You may send the details to the nearest Botanical Survey of India office or Botany department of any nearest University or approach any nearest Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Centre or any Agriculture University nearby.
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    For Sale Saffron Products for Sale direct from farmers of Kashmir

    Saffron / Kumkumam (Crocus sativus) products available directly from farmers of Kashmir at farm level price rates. Saffron Product Types: 1. SAFFRON MONGRA (WHOLE)-NORMAL 2. ORGANIC SAFFRON-MONGRA (WHOLE) 3. SAFFRON LACHHA (Normal) 4. SAFFRON MONGRA 1/2 CUT (NORMAL) 5. SAFFRON MONGRA 1/4 CUT...
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    Question Need ALOEVERA Cultivation& Marketing details

    Already there is over production of Aloe vera in India. And is cultivation in small area like 5 acres is not at all feasible. Only if you have a ready buyer/processor within 100 KM it will be feasible as the leaf has to be processed soon after harvesting/cutting. There is no potential for export...
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    For Sale Organic Herbs, Seeds etc for Sale

    We have the following herbs and seeds for sale from our Certified Organic Farms at Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh (31 Acres India Organic-NPOP Certified Farm). We can supply in powder form if required (as transporting in raw form to long distance will be costly) Products harvested from live crops...
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    For Sale Organic Certified Tulasi and other herbs for sale

    We have Certified Organic (India Organic-NPOP) Tulasi varieties for sale: Rama Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum), Krishna/Shyama Tulasi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) and Van Tulasi (Ocimum gratissimum). Large quantities available: Fresh, Dry Aerial Parts, Seeds, and Powder form available. We also have PKM-1...
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    Question Best Universities for Organic Farming?

    We offer short term and long hands-on training courses in Integrated Green Farming (IGF), Vriskha Ayurveda, Spiritual and Sustainable Organic Farming (VASSOF) with High Value Crops Multi Cultivation (HVCMC) practices at our Certified Organic Farms in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India...
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    Question Consultancy required for farming

    We provide complete consultancy services for farm projects to be based on Integrated Green Farming (IGF), Vriksha Ayurveda, Spiritual and Sustainable Organic Farming (VASSF) with High Value Crops Multi Cultivation (HVCMC). Please contact us privately by clicking on our name > start conversation.
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    For Sale Best Avocado Graft Saplings for Sale

    We make best Avocado Graft saplings from our best, high yielding mother plants. These grafts will bear flower and fruit in 2-3 years. Two-three fruits will weigh 1 Kg as they have all the characteristics of the mother plants which bear best, biggest fruits. We do bulk supply to anywhere in...
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    Poll Is it really possible to buy good agriculture land at low prices?

    Most people seems to be any of the following: 1. Airing half baked understanding of agriculture, without clearly understanding the variables that can tilt the scales towards profit or loss. 2. Blaming land price changes on real estate agents, investors etc is not a correct approach: Land is a...
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    For Sale Vriksha Ayurveda, Spiritual and Sustainable Organic Farming Inputs and Farm Products for Sale

    We have diverse inputs for farming, produced as per principles and methods of Vriksha Ayurveda, Spiritual and Sustainable Organic Farming. We also sell wide range of Bio-Organic inputs for organic farming. We also have Organic Gau Shaala based products for human health and wellness. Only bulk...
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    For Sale Paper Pens and Paper Pencils with Seeds for Sale

    We offer diverse designer Paper Pens and Paper Pencils with Seeds. For further details, please contact us privately by clicking on the name > start conversation.
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    For Sale Organic Green Papaya, Muringa Leaf, Curry Leaf etc for Sale by Certified Organic Farm

    We have Green Papaya, Muringa Leaf, Curry Leaf and herbs such as Sarpagandha Seeds, Muringa Seeds, Bakul Tree Seeds, Cannon Ball Tree Seeds (Nagalinga), Nagalinga Dry flowers, Punarnava (Whole plant), Lajwanti (Whole plant), Goraksha Ganja (Whole plant), Bhringaraj (Whole plant), Rama Tulasi...
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    For Sale Fast Fruiting Avocado-Butter Fruit Graft Saplings for Sale

    We have fast fruiting Avocado/Butter Fruit Graft Saplings for Sale. Flowering and fruit bearing in 2-3 years. Graft saplings made from best fruit bearing Mother Plants of large Avocado plantation in Kerala where it is cultivated as a companion crop of coffee. Avocado grows well in diverse...

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