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    Areca nut Seeds or saplings

    Hi, Areca Nut(Paku in tamil) Seeds or Saplings required for farm, any one interest on selling seeds or saplings, please
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    Marutha Maram

    Hi friends, I need Marutha maram Sapplings, please help where i can buy Marutha Maram tree saplings.
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    Question Teak Plantation in Tamilnadu

    Hi, I plan to start teak plantation on my 2-Acre Field, please help good varieties in teak and what are the government procedures in tamilnadu. I plan to buy Teak sapling from experience suppliers.
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    agriculture land required

    Agri Land Hi, I am also looking for 5-Acre Agriculture land near Kerala-Tamilnadu border coimbatore area, price should be below 3 Lakhs Per Acre. please keep on touch
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    Agri Land for sale

    Please provide details of land and rate per acre thru private message or contact
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    G9 banana for export

    Hi Padmanabhan, I am ready to supply the G9 Variety bananas to u, we are deliver the product from farm field, feel free to contact... Regards, Palani
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    Fresh Coconut - wanted for Export

    organic coconuts Hi In my own land cocounts are cultivated using organic fertilzers, I am ready to supply the coconut according to your requirement, please feel free to contact or send private message to me.. with regars palani.
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    Wanted 30 acres of agricultural land

    Hi senthika, U not able to buy land with in 50000, Now a days land price are increased more than 8 Lakh per acre,, Ur price is behind of 10 years back.. if u need contact me..
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    Turmeric Planting Material available

    Turmeric available for Cultivation Hi guys, We r also cultivating Turmeric in Erode Dist Gobichettipalayam. Any once needs keep in touch or send a mail It will we available at the end of Feb-2010. Regards, Palanisamy.v.n.
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    teak plantation and mustroom growing

    Teak Plantation Hi, Now a days teak tree leaves affected disceases like white fungus insect, if this fungus affect teak trees are not grown properly, we not able to destroy this insect, it will grow faster than when u apply the pesticite.. Birth rate is very high.. with regards...
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    Tirupattur - Near by Madurai

    Hi ramesh, please provide contact number or send private message.. contact....
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    Wanted Agriculture, forestry back ground candidates for various posts

    Hi neutroAgro, I did't have Agriculture background study, i have 7 years of experiance on Agri field work and to manage the workers. Can i know the Job location, please confirm wheather it is suitable for this work.. Regards, palani
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    Wanted Mangium Australian Teak plants

    Hi Warbhe_rajeev Please contact vnpalanisamy @ gmail . com and provide ur contact no..
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    Aloe Vera (Sabila) Plants &/Or Seeds

    How many kg of Aloe Vera u need. and provide the contact details. How much rupees u provide per KG..
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    Wanted Mangium Australian Teak plants

    Hi Sandeep, My native place is TamilNadu, Erode Dist, GobiChettipalayam Taluk, Please provide more details regarding Australian teak tree.. Please contact............