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    Insurance for Dairy Farm ???

    hi, Can anybody give Info on Insurance for Dairy Farm, Like Group Insurance, Individual Insurance, What will be the Approximate insurance for a cow which Cost around 25000???, how do they calculate , any % involved Thanks in advance Regards Srikumar.g
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    A large Dairy Farm

    hi, where is this place located???
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    DAIRY Farming

    hi , if the cows peak production at the inital stage of lactation is 10 lts it will decrease slowley, might be at end of 300 days we will be getting only 1 liter per day , so the peak period will last for say three months and it will start reducing a ltr every month so the point of 3000 lits...
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    Wanted Beer Waste

    hi , We require Beer waste on regular basis, we are in Coimbatore,tamilnadu please Private Message me reply with price per kg and contact details Regards Srikumar.g
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    mini dairy plant for sale

    hi I am interested in Pasturiser, can you provide quote for it Regards Srikumar
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    Without Investment Join As Power Project Business Agent

    Nothing was displaying on the website.... where can i know more info about this...!!!!!!
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    suggestions abt dairy cows

    Jersey better.... that's a bit true from my experience, bought a crossbreed HF almost a year back, have spend a lot for it, mostly for doctor's, medicines and insemination, finally it got inseminated, but its already dry now, no milk. where as the cross breed jersey is good, gives minimum of 10...
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    agriculturist status

    I Feel the flornic01 post is a fraud post, Moderator has to take care this..
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    Consult - Human resource for your land

    hi , i have sent mail to the specified mail address, please respond.. Regards Srikumar.g
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    Market for Ducks...

    hi peter, this is a great piece of information , thanks , People in Duck Farming Please pour out your experience it will be really help full for the new comers
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    Market for Ducks...

    What is the Level of Market we have for Ducks , is it for Flesh or Eggs, Which state has more requirements.. can any body throw some light on this:confused:
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    For Sale BUY BACK SCHEME -Areca Plates /Cups making machines -special offer by EOCIndia

    hi , we are from coimbatore, so you will be supplying the raw materials and also buy the finished plates from us , i am i right.. if so please provide your contact no in my private message will contact you Regards Srikumar.g
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    how to do dates cultivation

    you will be seeing this web address if the moderator is not removing the link it is .. Dates India, please contact....
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    how to do dates cultivation

    hi raghu, i found some information on datesinda dot com website check it, i feel it will be very user full. keep posting about your improvements on the project, it will be help full for all of us regards srikumar.g
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    i have 15 female large white yorkshire and 4 male large white yorkshire for sale

    might be dumb question but still , what is yorkshire??

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