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    Need information about shettale.

    Shet Tale Government subsidy is available in some districts of Maharashtra. In which district you want to make it? First you need to decide purpose and then what quantity of water you want to preserve. Make sure you have studies sources of water to fill in this Shet Tale. You can either harvest...
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    Need suggestions for noni fruit seeds.

    Noni known as Morinda Citrifolia ( Botanical Name ) is an small tree that grows a average height around 10-20 feet. The leaves are thick, shiny, dark green and deeply veined. The fruits have an unusual shape and about 3 - 5 inches long, ovoid & yellowish- white & become quite soft at maturity.
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    Need suggestions to start-up Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu.

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    Need help Goat farming startup.

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    Wanted Need Agriculture Land For Contract Farming of aloevera in Gujarat.

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    Need guidance to start-up hydroponic strawberry cultivation in Bangalore.

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    Need suggestion to start-up or dairy farm.

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    Need guidance to start-up hydrophonic cultivation of strawberries in West Godavar, Andhra.

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    Need guidance to start-up agri business.

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    Wanted Want to buy agricultural land in an around West Godavari, Andhrapradesh.

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    Need suggestions to start-up aloevera farming in Fatehabad District ( Haryana ).

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    Wanted Pesticides required for pomegranate cultivation.

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    Wanted Wanted: Cheap Agri Land near Pollachi, Tamilnadu

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