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    Which Plantation to choose? ---- Teak vs Melia Dubia Plantation.

    Any long term investment in agriculture is fraught with risk since nobody can predict the market ... Better to go for short term crops...
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    Wanted Insulin plant required in Velachery, Chennai

    Dear Prof.Govindarajan, The insulin plant is available at project green hands of Isha at Thanjavur (Marungulam). You can visit their website and can call them to get it. Regards Shanmugasundaram.M
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    Is malabarneem cultivation is profitable after 7 Years?

    Dear Vanavreddy, In my humble opinion you can leave the trees as is since you have already invested. You can use the other 5 acres for something else which will give returns in short terms, for example, vegetables. Since chillies are growing well in your area, you can stick with it and sell...
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    Suggest a crop which can cultivate in shadow.

    You can cultivate coriander leaves which likes shade...
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    How many Solar panels needed to run 5hp pump?

    Hi Chandiranselvam, The solar panels are rated as per their capacity. A solar panel typically is rated at 120W. A 5 HP pump needs 5 * 745.7 = 3728 watts of power to run. Hence you can calculate the number of solar panels needed for your 5 HP pump. The cost usually will be about 40 - 50 rupees...
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    Need guidance for Ihemp cultivation in Tamil Nadu
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    Wanted Looking for Horticulture Consultant

    Hi dvsn, I was in the same boat as you sometime back. Part time consultants will not be suitable for you, imho, due to many reasons which I do not want to go through here. With due respects to all "consultants", I would like to suggest that you visit the kvk in your area to get guidance and...
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    Can Big Data Algorithms on Agriculture be ignored by agriculturalists and governing bodies ?

    Good write-up. But, how this might help Indian farmers whose per-capita landholding is merely around 2.9 acres?
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    The yield quoted (40MT in open field to 200MT in greenhouse) does not tally with figures published by knowledgeable sources. TNAU site's figure is 15T/HA. Link: According to S.U. Patil, Associate Professor (Entomology) at...
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    How to get rid of weeds?

    Hello Mr Padmanabhan Ganesan, I have a doubt whether the goats will eat the brinjal plants as well? Regards Shanmugasundaram
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    Wanted we have a Agri project, looking for good investors on profit sharing system

    What is the agri project all about? If you provide more details, people might get interested. Regards Shan

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