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  • dear sasi

    trust you are doing well. i am planning to start a small diary farm initially with 2 cows. since i am totally new to this field I dont want to invest more at the initial stage. my aim is to learn more about diary farming with this 2 cows and then if everything goes smooth, I will later expand.

    Please can you help me in this. I am looking for the following information
    i) where can i get good cows
    ii) i am looking for a cow that produce atleast 12 - 15 ltr milk / day. how much will it cost
    iii) what are the feeds to be provided
    iv) what is the expense /cow /day
    v) what is the income / cow / day

    Please provide me above details. U can mail me at
    Please provide me ur contact details.
    Also if u know anything about subsidy available, pls let me know.


    dear sir, planing to start a small dairy farm (cow) at koduvayur, palakkad, possible advise of ur experience please, regards, k p unnikrishnan, ph 09946028922
    Dear sir,

    Your are from kerala & provide go-mutra ark of desi cow ?? Pls. provide your detail.
    Dear Sir,

    This is tripta from M/s Shree Krishna Paper Mills, delhi. We have 60 acres land available at Behror, Jaipur. We would like to cultivate Aloe Vera there and for the same we require experts and consultants.

    Kindly provide me details related to consultants.

    i want to purchase a second hand tractor of good condition.i will prefer messey fargussion.please send me the relative information with price of machine.
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