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    For Sale Papaya Buyer

    Hai I am interested
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    For Sale Paruthi punaku for Rs.25.50 per kg for sale in tamilnadu

    Hai I am interested in buying, please give complete details,in private message
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    For Sale Fish Amino Acid

    Can I know the price per lit?
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    For Sale Seedless lemon

    Sir Where are you from?I am interested please let me know more details, thank you
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    For Sale Agro Products from Indonesia

    Please let me know further details
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    Please send your contact details or email ID for further details
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    For Sale Onions in cheap rate for sale!

    Please share your contact details...
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    Can I know to where we need to deliver?
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    Opportunity Looking for like minded working partners /share holders/ investors.

    Hai hello,I am interested,can I know where is the farm?how many acres it is?I have 12 years experience in mango farming
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    Wanted Need mango gardens for lease/rent for yearly basis

    New Member Hi all,I need mango gardens for lease/rent in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, minimum 15 Acer's to maximum 200 Acer's,water is must, if anyone interested please WhatsApp me or call me on 7989190081,thank you
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    For Sale 85 acres agriculture land at Zaheerabad

    Hai sir will you give it on lease on crop,if yes please WhatsApp or call me on 7989190081, thank you...
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    For Sale MANGO TREES 600 Nos. Bangalore

    Hai I am interested to buy for the coming year,if you are interested please WhatsApp or call me on 7989190081..thank you sir...

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