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    Agricultural land for Sale near Dahanu in Maharashtra

    farm land in Dhanu Dear Percy, I am interested in 3 to 5 acres of agricultural land in Dhanu. I have two requirements, availability of water and farm connected by road. Please let me know the cost to enable me to proceed. With best Regards, Pritam Singh
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    Agri land needed

    lease Please let me know how much land you need. We have 91 acres at R Pudukottai village, about 34 Km From Dindigul city. Regards, Pritam
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    Lease Land

    lease Mr. Vijay Kumar, You mailbox is full, hence cannot reply. However please let me know how will you operate the farm from Mumbai as the farm is in Dindigul in Tamilnadu. Regards, Pritam
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    Lease Land

    Want to lease out 100 acres of agricultural land close to Karur in Tamilnadu state. The land has all infrastructure in the farm to start immediate farming. If interested personal mail to provide all details. Pritam Singh
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    Cheap Agriculture land

    I can offer 250 acres of land at a price of rs 5000/ acre. Contact me. Pritam Singh
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    Agricuture land on lease

    Dear Sir, We have 91 acres of land situated The farm is in R Pudukottai village, about 34 Km From Dindigul city. Route is Dindigul to Kovilur town through Karur old road ( 30 km ). There are 8 bore wells, EB connection 75 HP, warehouse ( 3000 sq feet ) 4 labour house and one generator and...
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    Lease Farm Land

    Friends, I want to lease out 80 acres of land situated in the south of Tamilnadu near Karur. The farm has all the requisite infrastructure to commence immediate farming. If it interests you, please PM me to enable me to send you all details including the facilities currently available and...
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    wanted cheap agricultural land

    At this price you can buy land which is available under the sea.
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    We are a corn milling company and looking to buy 50 mt of corn. Our annual requirement is in the range of 120 to 150 mt. People who can offer this quantity may PM. The requirement is in Coimbatore. Regards,
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    Agricultural land for Sale near Dahanu in Maharashtra

    Dear Sir, I am interested in Agricultural land in and around Dhanu. My requirement is 5 to 8 acres with water availability. Please let me have the details. Regards, Pritam
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    registration process

    I want to know if there is any restriction on registration of land during selling of farm land in Tamilnadu. Please provide your kind comments.
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    land registration

    Friends I need help to know the registration process of agricultural land. I have 36 acres of land at Karur, please tell me if I can sell the whole land at one time or is there any rule on the amount of land that can be sold in one day. Thanks for your help. Pritam
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    Argicultural / Barren land

    I am looking for 5 to 8 acres of argicultural or barren land in and around Talasri, Boisar or Dhanu area in ( Thane district ). If interested please provide details. Regards, Pritam Singh
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    What is the variety ?? and price. Please also mention the total quantity availability. Pls PM me the details. Regards, Pritam Singh
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    agri land

    Interested in Buying – 5 to 8 Acre Land in Jawhar/ Manor/ Charoti/ Talasari/ Dahanu ________________________________________ I am interested in buying 5 to 8 acres agricultural land in Jawhar / Manor / Charoti / Talasari / Dahanu this region on Western Express Highway...

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