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    Back to basics - Organic farming

    Hi Planning to install a Drip irrigation system for 7 acres farm. Noticed there are a numerous companies in the market. Please suggest who is the best/quality installation and service/maintenance support provider. Thanks. Prem 7598197392
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    Wanted Wanted Organic Vegetables

    Looking for Organic farmers in and around Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) within 50 Kms. Who can supply organic vegetables on daily basis. Please do respond only if 100% pure organic farming methods are followed. We are planning to open an organic store at Tuticorin. Thank you.
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    Fish & Prawn Farming Business Help

    Hi, Nice to see so many threads. can some guide me or provide me information on Salt water fish farming (not prawn farming) which will be suitable for a fresh entrepreneur to start with. Who can guide me what fish, water contents, where i can get the fingerling's as well. Thanks...
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    Fish farming

    Does any have any knowledge on Salt water fish farming and what is the requirements like the PPM(TDS) that is suitable for water should be for fish farming. As what fishes can be grown. Is big tanks or dug pond best suitable for salt water fish farming. Can someone give me some knowledge...
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    Subsidy for Greenhouse/Ployhouse

    Hi, Are there any subsidies for Greenhouse farming/Polyhouse farming. Planning to set up a greenhouse/polyhouse on a 50 Cents plot for cultivation. Do we have support from Govt on these projects. If yes whom should we approach. Has anybody in such a project please do let me know, i do...
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    Stall Fed Goat Farming Hand Book & Project Report

    Interest in your Project Report Dear Sir, I am interested in buying your reports, let me know the contacts of you ,Below are my contact details
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    Agricultural Land Near Tuticorin

    Required 5 acres of cheap agricultureal land costing of around 1 Lac per acre near Tuticorin. Thanks

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