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Advaanced Biotech Research Projects
We are basically a Life Sciences research group from Andhra Pradesh working in all the 3 bio-spheres. Our main area of research and inventions are in Human Regenerative therapeutics to combat Renal Failures avoiding
transplantation, Structural and functional Cardiac Ailments, Endocrinol disorders, Nuero and Hepatic degenerative diseases.

We are the inventors of pioneering Agri-Biotech & Plant Nutri-genomics based Fertilizers for DOUBLING the yields of Agriculture Crops. And our "Super potential Seed Technology" intended to reduce Crop's duration or gestation period up to 75% is under its final phase of standardization. Our most recent research project "Prennialisation and Poly-seasonal fertilization" of prime cereal crops is successfully completed and awaiting for commercialization.

We are also the formulators of unique, advanced and highly productive Livestock Nutrition in the areas of DAIRY, POULTRYand AQUA. We offer our research inventions through Transfer of Technology or by Supplying the ready to market Products.