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  • Hi Mr. Ajit,
    Please excuse me for posting here but I saw your comment on a discussion about the selling of Aloe Vera. I'm an Aloe Vera producer. I have organic and inorganic Aloe Vera plants and leaves for sale. I wanted to know if you have any requirements for the same. If yes, I'd like to get in business with you.
    Thanks and regards,
    Manas Bansal
    Please quote me your best price for Aloevera pure juice without fibre along with specs.


    I need your contact no and address to for purchase of aleo gel and juice.
    Hence kindly let me know the details to my personnel id or nnachi_99 id at yahoo.
    Dear sir,we are looking for Safeed Mosli one kg planting material to Kashmir for cultivation purpose.
    Write me your address and other details at:
    We, M/s Andaman Plantations and Development Corporation Pvt Ltd cultivate Noni on our plantations in Port Blair, Andaman using the best practices to ensure quality. We are one of the biggest plantations in Andaman and are the largest commercial cultivator of noni there , and are expanding still. The Andaman climate and volcanic soil is indigenous to the cultivation of highly potent Noni. We can offer you regular supply of Noni fresh fruits , Noni dry fruits, Noni extract , Noni capsules and Noni juice on an ongoing basis.
    Please let us know your requirements for the same.

    For any further information please contact us.


    For Andaman Plantations and Development Corp. Pvt Ltd
    Puja Kayan
    hi am looking for some lemon grass seeds do you have them /could you procure it for us a word in reply would be helpfull
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