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    Available Any Plans of Starting A2 Milk Project in Karnataka? We have something to offer

    Any Plans of Starting A2 Milk Project? Want a tried and Tested model, which has been in running with planned livestock, to ensure it is risk proof. We have a set of of Cattle and Machinery which you can purchase, and get a head start. Why are we selling this : We have multi breeds and now...
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    Required Gir Cow /gaye in Tumkur, Karnatak..

    Hello We do have Sahiwal Cows...Planning to sell a batch of 5 cows, within different stages of pregnancy. Milk capacity is 8-12 litres per day per cow All cows are 3rd lactation. Let me know if you are interested. We are located in Ramangara District
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    Question Lease/rent of agricultural land in Karnataka

    15-20K per acre per year, with water and electricity for bore, with no amenities ..I have leased at this price
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    Required Desi Cow Dairy farm project report

    Where are you based...I dont have a project report, but having been doing desi cow dairy farm for 2 years can share the experiences.
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    For Sale Cold pressesd oil

    Share the pricing and details for bulk purchase.
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    For Sale Kodo Millet 3 Ton ready for sale

    Pricing for bulk quantity
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    For Sale 100 quintal organically grown Rajmudi paddy

    Interested. Please share the pricing with us...
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    For Sale Organic pepper 500kg available

    Is this available? Share the pricing as well?
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    For Sale Organic Certified Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed)

    Please let us know bulk pricing...also share the certificates?
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    For Sale Organic shatavari for sale

    Pricing per KG?
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    For Sale Organic Jaggery

    Pricing? Location? Is it available in powder form? Bulk pricing?
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    For Sale Selling Cow Shed, Earth Auger, Tiller, Motor, Sprayer etc

    interested details please...
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    For Sale Organic Certified Sugarcane Jaggery Powder

    Share the pricing for 30 kg bags
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    For Sale Brand new Bulk Milk Cooler for Sale

    Dairy Mate Brand new Bulk Milk cooler for sale. Location : Ramanagara District Karnataka Capacity : 200 Litres MRP : 1,10,000 Date/Month of Purchase : Jan 2021
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    Job Available Need a Family or individual to take care of a Desi Cows and Organic Farm in Ramanagara

    Hello, We are looking for a couple to take care of our Desi cows and Organic farm. Looking for people with long term commitment. Location is Bangalore. Need people with Clean habits. Job would be 1. Feeding the cows, and grazing them and arranging for fodder 2. Milking them and converting the...

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