Available Any Plans of Starting A2 Milk Project in Karnataka? We have something to offer


Any Plans of Starting A2 Milk Project? Want a tried and Tested model, which has been in running with planned livestock, to ensure it is risk proof. We have a set of of Cattle and Machinery which you can purchase, and get a head start.

Why are we selling this : We have multi breeds and now however we want to focus on 1 breed going forward to ensure stricter controls as far as breeding is concerned.

Location : Ramanagara, Karnataka. What is on offer ? { Only Livestock and Machinery }

A running Sahiwal Cow Project, with 10 Cows, 1 Bull, and 7 Heifers.

All the cows are in 2nd or 3rd lactation

Milking cows : 4 Total Pregnant cows : 6 (4 to 8 months Pregnant)

Current Milk Yield : 25 litres

Peak Milk Yield : 90 – 100 Litres

Bull Pedigree : Badal Bull Sire – 3.2 years Old, Young and performing with excellent results.

1 Bulk Milk Cooler – Dairy Mate Make – 1 year old – 180 litres capacity

All the cows have been procured from Karnal, and have been in the farm for over 2 years and have calved here locally. So are well adapted to local environment already.

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