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    Question 80 tons of Strawberry Cultivation in 1 acre

    i am interested in Onlinesbi sudoku aadhar card Hydroponics. Please inform details over mail.
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    For Sale Watermelons(Kiran) for sell.

    what is the quality of your watermelon.
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    Question Milk producing

    I would be grateful if you can send me a project to Aswath
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    For Sale Rice padi planting machine available for sale

    how much time does it take to plant one acre.
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    Advertising Aloe Vera - Farming Consultation & Retail

    it is sufficient and can be utilized profitably to cultivate aloe vera...
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    Wanted Bufflows and cows

    You have not mention the breed and the yield of the cows and buffalows.
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    For Sale spirulina buying and selling

    We are interested in cultivating spirulina in large amount before that we need to know how to sell our product. If any information kindly please contact us via
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    Organic Farming Training Course Starting -3 March 2019. South Bangalore.

    So please send me Prospectus and Advance Registration Form
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    For Sale Chitosan For Agriculture

    Can you please send me more information about your company and the product?
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    Wanted Contract Farming in Karnataka or Maharashtra

    i can grow, ready coconut are available in bulk quantity 9739403853. My place is exactly 3 hours from Bangalore airport and 1 hour from Mysore airport

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