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    Land Required Wanted to purchase 50 to 100 acre land

    I am interested. Please provide details like exact location, soil type, road, water and electricity
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    Land Required Need 2500-5000 ACRES OF AGRICULTURAL LAND

    I am interested. Please share details. Willing to buy 5-10 acres immediately. Please contact.
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    Land Available Land for sale at Bankura Bengal

    Kindly share your contact and description of land like water, electricity, road, type of soil, and per acre cost
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    Land Required Require cheap agricultural land in Rewa/Satna/Katni/Jabalpur

    Require 5-10 acres agriculture land with water and electricity supply and near to road, in Madhya Pradesh between Rs.1.00 lacs to 3.00 lacs/acre.
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    Wanted Gobindobhog rice

    Please send details .
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    For Sale A2 deshi Ghee /Vedic Ghee

    What will be the price.
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    Agriculture Land for sale in Madhya Pradesh (100/500/1000 Acres)

    Want to purchase around 5-10 acres. Please share details
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    Land Available REAL CHEAP Land available in CHATTISGARH,MP and ORISSA

    Want 5-10 acre cheap agriculture land in MP with water resource and electricity.
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    Land Available Agriculture land in Jabalpur

    I am interested but need a small tract of land 5-10 acre.