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    Wanted pure desi breed of GIR cows?

    Lookign for gir cows and calfs,can i know the prices and the mode of transportation, Can I know the prices and the pics of Gir cows and calfs,my mobile no is 8790100611 and mail id is
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    Buffalo from Tanuku/Mandapet of AP

    Hi Friends, I am new to this site but thought that it would be of great help to me.I am looking for grazing different breeds of DESI cows irrespective of their milk production as I am interested in developing them, so looking for calfs so that I can invest little n need not think of the returns...
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    HF Heifers & Calves for Dairy Farm

    Can I know the complete details and the approx. prices and where are they located and can you arrange transportation to East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh.Please share the details to
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    Desi cow for sale

    Please let me know the pprices along with images,u can send the details to
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    native breed cow for sale

    Can I have the details along with images
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    EMO birds poultry forum

    Hi Pratyushajuvva, Please check it properly as many people who have established farms are selling or removing the farms of emu.
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    Dairy for Sale

    can we have the pictures og the animals
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    Pure Tharparkar and Gir calves for sale

    can we have the pictures of the calfs
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    good quality paddy for sale

    hi this is prasad fro andhra pradesh kakinada east godavari dist, we have good quality paddy ready for sale, its mostly exported abroad and used in kerala for daily use,this is hte second crop grown commonly in east godavari district aournd its all exported to other states like kerala...

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