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    For Sale Hydrophonic Green House

    Interested in setting up one
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    Available Organic Farming

    Pls send me the details.
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    Land Available Farm Land available for organic farming at Bangalore

    Please contact me I am interested.
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    Land Available Fully developed Farm for Rent at Bangalore

    Pls let me know the full details and the lease rent expected. Regards,
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    Land Available Coconut farms, elachi estate, tea estate, diary farms lands,

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    Land Available Land of any type in Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra

    Required 2 acres agriculture land .
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    Available Small Scale Dairy Farm

    please quote your price
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    Land Required Wanted : Agri land near PUNE

    Dear Sachin , i am interested please quote your best price
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    Opportunity We are looking for Stevia Crop [Stevia Dry Leaves] 10Tons per month [Buyback Agreement for 5years]

    Are you interested in leasing or selling out 2 acres of land, if so please contact me.
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    Cheap 25,000 to 50,000 per acre land anywhere in India

    Dear Mr Roy , Please add me in your group as I am looking for agriculture land in konkan for 2 acres my budget is 1.5 lakh per acre .
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    Land Available Land of any type in Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra

    i need 5 acres for long lease with water and electricity
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    Land Available 10 acre fertile land on lease

    pls give details of the plot and its location .
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    Land Available Leasing agriculture land and poultry farms

    pls advise your tel no , regards Joji

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