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    up to 1000 acres of land available in Chattisgarh, MP, orissa

    Dear Mr.Agarwal, Please Indicate Price per Acre in Chattish Garh,Orrissa and location of near by town city.If possible coordinates. We are in look out for lands to an extent of 500 acres to 1000 acres for Integrated farming. My private mail id is Thanks, J.C.Narra
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    ganoderma capsules available for sale

    Dear Chinnibaa, Please send me details of ganoderma capsules.The price and terms of payments etc.
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    ganoderma capsules available for sale

    Dear Chinnibaa, Please send me details of ganoderma capsules.The price and terms of payments etc.
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    WANTED Good Agriculture land upto 5 acres with good approach road with in 5 km of vil

    Looking for land up to 5 acres with in 5 KM around Villupuram on any of the important roads and having good approaches with clean clear title.The land should be dry land with good water like bore/Well,power. REPLY with details
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    Curcumin Extraction from Turmerric

    Hello, I am looking for Cur cumin extraction plant. Economical viable capacity and its approximate cost.What other oleo-resins can be extracted from the same plant.
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    Spirulina Cultivation Technology

    Dear Sir, It will be highly appreciated if you could indicate the cost of your consultancy and investment needed for setting up farm in 10 acres of land. Infra structure available is motor-able road,power & water from bore well. This could be in AP or in Satara in Maharastra. Please reply to my...
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    300 acres of land at Dindugal,Tamilnadu

    Dear Mr.Visar, What type of soil is it? What is price per acre? Have you got Govt Clearance for sale and transfer, Thanks, J.C.Narra
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    how to use waste land

    What is the area of Mango Garden? Do you have water sources? Where is this Garden Located? Temperatures prevailing there? If you can give this information I can Guide you.
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    350 Acres of Farmland for sale in Vidharbha, Maharashtra

    How far from Nagpur? Has the land has good approach road? What is ground water table level? What were the crops Grown in the land previously? Thanks. Send reply to my mail
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    Wanted Consultants For Herbal Extraction projects ( Turmeric,Gudmaar,AshwaGandha,....

    Consultants Capable of providing consultancy services for the following projects. 1.Processing & Extraction of Turmeric tubers. 2.Turmeric whole plant processing & Extraction. 3.Mari Gold flowers Extraction. 4.Ashwgandha,Shetwari,Yesti Madhukam,Gudmaar,extractions. Please reply us with...
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    Wanted project reports on turmeric extraction

    We are in look out for Detailed project report on Turmeric and its plant materials processing for extraction of oleo-resins,medicinal compounds. These products extracted are meant for US/Europe markets.The quality standard shall be matching to their standards. Consultancy service providers...
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    1000 acres agriculture land in up

    Dear Mr.Mahendra Kumar, What is your best price? Anything negotiable? How you want payment? reply me at
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    Commercial & High tech Farming

    Dear Sir, Please detail me your services in Hi-Tech Farming. Your fee for your services. I need to develop 100 acres organic farming with best possible agricultural practices.My personal Mail ID is Thanks, J.C.Narra
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    Farm management Software

    Dear Ifarm software marketing, It will be great if you could reply me with the following clarifications to my personal ID 1.The same has to be installed in a server at Head Office and installed at each farm too? 2.Only selected crops or multiple crops can be managed? 3.Can an...
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    Rain gun for sale

    Mr.Reddy, Give me ffurther details of the rain guns you want tto sell. Area that caan be given irrigation per GUN.Cost.

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