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    Available Fodder for cattle at Hyderabad

    Fodder for cattle available at Hyderabad, we can supply on daily/weekly basis
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    Available Gir cow milk available in and around Hyderabad

    Gir cow milk available in bulk, interested people in and around Hyderabad can contact Farm is 90 Kms from hi-tech city
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    Land Required 20 acres land within 75 KM from hyderabad

    Share ur contact details or share the land location
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    Land Required 20 acres land within 75 KM from hyderabad

    Please send contact details
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    Dairy farm on lease

    I am looking for land with infra for lease to run a Dairy farm within 50 KM radius of Hyderabad
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    Land Required 20 acres land within 75 KM from hyderabad

    20 acres Agriculture land wanted, at less than 75km from Hyderabad with water facility preferably bores and price range between 5-7 lacs
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    For Sale Desi Cow Milk , A2 Milk near Bangalore

    We have desi cows , and daily yield of A2 Milk is around 90-100 Lts , we are 110 kms away from Bangalore, any one interested in Bangalore to market this is welcome.
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    Aloevera cultivation under buy back production

    Hi We r from Hyderabad and would like to know more details Regards Jai
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    Neem cake,Neem powder & Neem oil Sale in bulk

    Can u please let us know the price per ton of neem cake and /kg price for oil Regards Jai
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    Drumstick cultivation-annual moringa -miracle tree

    Pl contact I can supply PKM1 saplings 30-40 days old
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    moringa seeds, selling moringa leaves

    Pl let us know the quantity u need Regards jai
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    Very high quality Drum sticks/Moringa Oliefera available

    Pl let us know the quantity we can supply seeds as well as saplings 30-40 days old Regards jai
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    Intercropping in Moringa plantation.

    U can go for vegetables like tomato , chillis
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    Please let us know your requirement of Moringa Seeds and dry leaves,
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    35+ Cows for Sale in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Dear Mahesh Do u still hold any cows. regards

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