Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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  • i want mehndi seedling for fencingagri. land. can you supply seedling? what about rate and propogation method?
    Dear Sir

    we supply aromated ethanolic extract obtained using rotary flash evaporator, reply at
    dear sir if you are still dealing in alove vera juice or if you are intrested to by in bulk or any packing we can help you,
    naresh kumar bhanot
    099591 88788
    hello sir ,we said that we supply cow feeds like spent malt, tropicona powder, tamarind seed powder etc which r used to increase the milk. w are not selling ipecac ur doubt cleared.
    dear sir,
    you can supply ipecac, is that true? i have sent you an email to the mailbox ,i hope you can check it and give me a reply as soon as possible,...thanks...
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