Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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  • This Non Farmer thing I didn't knew about Maharashtra. I have to study it then only I can tell you.
    Right now I am keeping my options open.After coming from Bangalore only I can take down any other options.
    Hi Deepak Ji, have you bought any land already? In case you are still interested then...someone from this forum has a land in Konkan Area which is 17 acres and good for Cashewnut farming. Now I'm looking for partners to buy this land start the Plantation. But As a NonFarmer, we cannot buy Agriculture land in what are the other feasible options to buy this lands ? Please reply.thnx
    By the way I am going to Bangalore to meet a fellow who has a huge swath of land and looking for a partner.
    Hi you know of any particular place in India..where Land prices are still cheap ? with some irrigation facility ?
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